The love shaman calls for a sexual revolution of the body politic urging mankind into a new love age.

Widower Nawab Yusuf Khan lives a wealthy lifestyle in Sultanpur, British India, along with his school-going son, Shahnawaz, and a college-going brother, Aslam, When he finds out that Aslam ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark James A (ru) wrote: intriguing madness. It's a well-made and moody slasher flick with a formula of its own. However, it has questionable aspects, like the ambiguity of what it wants to picture out of the strangeness of its characters and the blandness of the violence out of its excessive gore. That enough is just tricky to process.

Adam M (es) wrote: Fun horror/comedy. Set in a strip club, the plot revolves around a gang of werewolves getting revenge on a club owner that they had a run in with years ago. Despite not being particularly gory, Strippers vs Werewolves has some very funny moments and good characters. The cast, made up mostly of soap opera/TV actors do a decent enough job and theres even a brief appearance from Robert Englund, stealing the show as a jailed werewolf(think he's a werewolf anyway!) out for revenge. You can tell this is budget just going by the make-up effects but its been charmingly done and ovearll Strippers vs Werewolves is an entertaining way to spend an hour and a half.

Janne F (ru) wrote: Filmen gir inntrykk av vre et hastverkarbeid; drlig dialog, robotaktige skuespillere.

Gabriel M (mx) wrote: Super soulful, intelligent, powerful. This is one of the movies where you think it is a terror, but actually ends up being a thriller in which it has an ending that oppresses the heart of anyone. Belen Rueda's performance was very good and outstanding leadership.

Sergio R (mx) wrote: I feel so intellectually snob and sophisticatedly francophile for liking a film that would probably kill the average viewer with boredom in less than half an hour.

julia G (kr) wrote: GORGO BORDELLO ROCKS

Willy M (ag) wrote: Wow, any movie that brings attention to the matter of North Korean refugees being sent back by China to face possible execution is tops in my book. I may have issues with the US but damn I thank God everyday that I was lucky to be born here.

Adam C (kr) wrote: A unique, remarkably well-made film that is a lot of fun, particularly for those familiar with Werner Herzog.

Ketil T (es) wrote: Seen 09.12.07 and again 03.05.08. A great movie and one of my favourite cartoon movies.

Dan Z (mx) wrote: A frightfully harsh and brutal film that illustrates the dehumanizing effects of war. It is even disturbing at some points, however, that is the function of a harsh war movie. Michael J Fox plays and unlikely roles as a PFC, freshly transfer to Vietnam. while refereed to as a 'Cheery' he is forced to conform to the brutal attitudes the veterans solders have adopted. The struggle to be a soldier, yet maintain his humanity. its a strong story of survivors guilt that shows through very strongly in Fox's performance. The only thing that works against this movie at times is the scoring, but aside from that nitpick, the story is strong, the actors are strong and the the message is clear and cathartic.Casualties of War delivers!

Nicolai H (ag) wrote: This largely forgotten movie deserves serious attention. Apart from the outstanding performance by Klaus Maria Brandauer, the plot is a deeply fascinating tale of the capricious behaviour of governments towards their loyal subjects. In that respect, the theme is much the same as that of the more recent masterpiece "Der Untergang" (Downfall) from 2004.

Jonny P (jp) wrote: "Before I Go to Sleep" is a psychological thriller that explores the concept of short term memory loss. The critics cited it as a poorly executed copycat of Christopher Nolan's "Memento." As a huge fan of Nolan's film, I was a bit suspicious after reading the unanimously unfavorable reviews but was pleased with the final result. The storyboarding of the film was completely different (linear with flashbacks vs. non-linear), the video journal was approached differently than "Memento's" idea of tattooing important information on your body, and the overall tone was very different. While none of these differences hurt the film, some other did. This story is less believable as the main character's brain conveniently resets itself each night and several characters don't ask questions in moments where they should; still, it is a riveting story that keeps you guessing until the very end. Nicole Kidman gives her best performance since "Rabbit Hole" and, with better reviews from the critics, probably could have completely relaunched her career. The script affords her the opportunity to give intense portrayals of several different emotions within her ever-changing character. Colin Firth may be even more impressive in his surprisingly dark and mysterious role. With these performances, it is hard to believe that the critics didn't have some mercy even if they found the story to be unoriginal. No movie will ever match the creativity of "Memento" but this film is still really good if you look at it through its own lens. "Before I Go to Sleep" brings a fresh approach to creative nature of films involving short term memory loss and its unexpected ending might even leave a tear in your eye.

Alex B (ca) wrote: An unusual, twisted version of the innocent man falsely accused or framed story (or of the legal or investigative journalist procedural). Better than The Wrong Man (as Lang is better than Hitchcock).

Donnie H (br) wrote: I really do love this film, it is Schwarzenegger at his best. My only real complaint about this film is that some of the effects are dated. But, I can't really hold that against the film considering the year it was made.

Lee R (kr) wrote: A good ol' fashion gruesome Aussie vengeance flick.

Tim M (fr) wrote: Jon Stewart's 'Rosewater' tells a worthwhile story, but lacks focus and reality. It's just so hard to buy why two Iranians would be talking in English. Add that to the lead being Mexican (he's playing a man from Iran) and you have two cringeworthy aspects. The acting is fine but narratively it never gets comfortable in its own skin which gives us long segments of boredom. Once we think we're in the reality based word our Stewart decides to have his lead talk to ghosts. A film that was made largely due to Stewart's widely popular "Daily Show' accidental influence in Maziar Bahari's arrest and was mostly propped up and given so much publicity due to the notoriety of Stewart and his show should take his audience more seriously. Stewart has a long ways to go before becoming a filmmaker. Final Score: 4.5 of 10

Brett H (it) wrote: A bit slow and definitely off the beaten-path for Hitchcock, but it is wickedly funny with dark humour sprinkled throughout. The characters are very entertaining with their stupidity and there are many great directorial moments by Hitchcock. Not the most exciting of his films, but a necessary watch to see the master of suspense do comedy!