Shame of the Jungle

Shame of the Jungle

Shame, the ape man of the jungle, is aghast when his woman, June, is kidnapped by a gang of giant penises. They take her to their queen, Bazunga, a bald woman with fourteen breasts. After tangling with a gang of great white hunters, a marauding lion and the Molar Men, Shame sets off to rescue her with only his faithful friend Flicka at his side. He heads for that darkest of areas

Shame, the ape man of the jungle, is aghast when his woman, June, is kidnapped by a gang of giant penises. They take her to their queen, Bazunga, a bald woman with fourteen breasts. After ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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scott g (jp) wrote: a brief 60 mins running time helps this doc alomng nicely and a must for any george a romero fans out there, and certainly anyone who has wanted to make the pilgrimage to pittsburg, to see romeros stomping ground and locations for many of his movies, especially as seen here, the dead films, night, dawn, and day, a french man, makes such a trip, armed only with his camcorder for documentation, from france to the u.s he heads to pittsburg, and sets of to see sites, amoung them, the basement in night of living dead, the graveyard also, and what makes this doc a must the mall in dawn of the dead, i have always been fasinated by this mall, as dawn is my fav horror, and indeed in my top 5 off all time fav films, here we see the mall, in present day, and fasinating to see fellow dawn of the dead fans making same trip, going on tours of mall, and better than that, guided by key zombies from film and main actors, its a joy to see, and hop[efully i'll be there one day, all locatruions are a great reminder to romeros past and this french lad, has done something simple bvut special

Joao F (nl) wrote: I was feeling bored at first but then a small twist made this a good movie.

Zachary G (de) wrote: This looks very intense.

Dexter D (br) wrote: Don't be put off by the critic review scores - This is an extremely epic and entertaining movie with a great plot and a very strong lead actor.

Bryce L (fr) wrote: Why does this movie have 97%? It is not that good. Seriously. Tries way too hard to capture "emotion". Yes, its a sad storyline and whatnot but cinematically poorly executed.

Chris W (it) wrote: Plan on seeing most, if not all of Van Sant's work

Christopher P (it) wrote: Todd Solondz, like Harmony Korine, is a director who I love from a distance. Their visions can both seem merciless, mean, and completely nihilistic, but they can also be brutally funny and fairly trenchant in their examinations of America's trash, if you can get past the initial shock value. This is an uncomfortable movie, and not one I watch regularly, but it definitely will resonate with anyone who views life through a darker lens. Not my favorite of his films, but still good.

Kimberly R (au) wrote: One of the weirdest effing things I've ever watched. It was good until the love interest. Well what do you expect when you watch a film about necrophillia?

Eliabeth E (au) wrote: My summer movie. This film has every element I believe a film should have. Teenage smoking, Inappropriate sexual relationships, a leggy Tatum O'Neal age 16 with freckles, Armand Assante as a camp counselor with a v. hairy chest, and above all else, Matt Dillion, 16 years old, feathered hair, pure sex, dumb as a rock. This is cheesy, poorly written and completely beautiful. The most touching scene is when Tatum O'Neal confesses her love for camp counselor Assante and he lets her down easy, telling her if she were 21 he'd fall madly in love with her, with this, she runs blissfully through the meadow in her pure white empire waist nightgown, breathtaking. Oh, and Matt Dillon's jeans are REAL tight.

Arael C (br) wrote: Was an ok film,quite messed up actually.The part were the guys shoots himself in the head with a nailgun was gruesome.

Allan C (us) wrote: When people disparage westerns as being racist towards American Indians, this is the type of film they were talking about. I don't think that's the case with all westerns, though the "taming of the west" is an inherently racist notion, but this film pretty much exclusively presents Native American's as dangerous wild savages. The plot involves a cavalry Sergeant, Joel McCrea, forced to take command of a small group of survivors from an earlier indian attack, trying to get them back to safety at military fort. The somewhat interesting of character drama of the film revolves around the cavalry men not trusting the decisions of McCrea due to his family having been massacred by "savages" and thinking he just wants to lead the troops on a personal mission of revenge. The film also touts some very picturesque CinemaScope photography. However, the racial politics of the film are fairly ugly to modern eyes, which greatly hurts the film.

Haydn W (jp) wrote: "How do you kill mud?"


Tatsuhito K (gb) wrote: Having seen it multiple times, I think I finally understand the brilliance of "Hot Fuzz". Although I'm still not a huge fan of its occasional mean-spiritedness, and frankly, I don't think I'll ever like that aspect of the film, this is a very entertaining and clever film that brilliantly satirizes a number of buddy-cop action films. The dialogue is so sharp (hats off to Pegg, Frost, and Wright) and Edgar Wright proves that he is a master of visual comedy. It is hilarious from start to finish and the climactic shootout is damn good fun. I really, really liked it.

Joseph A (ca) wrote: why isn't every movie like this