Bob Byington - "Shameless" is the story of a normal, everyday guy, torn between the "good girl" and a "bad girl." Which will he choose? Will she still want him? - Scott Rhodes, Joy Gohring, Natalie Karp

Originally titled "Two & One," "Shameless" is the story of a normal, everyday guy, torn between the "good girl" and a "bad girl." Which will he choose? Will she still want him? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pavan R (au) wrote: An intense well made movie. It's heart wrenching to watch a movie based on slavery and the the trauma they went through. Well directed and enacted

Derek B (fr) wrote: You want to talk about a movie that doesn't take much thought. Within the first ten minutes of the movie it is clear exactly where this is going and what is going to happen. This movie just isn't worth the time to watch it unless you like to sit and make fun of movies. If you like to make fun of movies then this movie has plenty to make fun of.

Dave J (ca) wrote: Monday, June 23, 2014 (2014) Jamesy Boy DRAMA Co-written and directed by Trevor White for it looked like a project actor Mark Walberg might've been involved in since the person this movie was about by the name of James (Spencer Lofranco) was identical to Walberg's life story as well. Anyways, while I was watching this, also reminded me back in the day when I was still in high school, and one of my teachers would instruct the class to write a fabricated story about 'troubled youths', STDs and drugs(part of a sex Ed thing), making the point that the entire experience was similar to something I can come up with myself, including (without the occasional swearing) find from the Hallmark channel because of it's life's hard lessons message. The real irony of it was that it was actually based on an actual person, except that parts of the movie seemed completely made up, just because it has to be a two hour movie. I ended up using the fast-forward button while playing on a few scenes since it just seemed like it would drag on forever. Mary-Louise Parker also stars as James, single mom, Tracy, James Woods stars as prison guard Lt. Falton and finally, Ving Rhames plays dangerous cellmate Conrad. 2 out of 4 stars

Davis B (br) wrote: Pretty epic letdown. I wasn't expecting a particularly good film, but I was expecting the type of bad film that it seemed to advertise itself as. You go in expecting a sort of Jaws with a giant pig, and instead its much more of a Deliverance in Boonville, CA, with a giant muppet pig at the end.Waay too slow. Typically one-dimensional characters attempt talk out in the woods for way longer than they should, with hardly a porcine foe to add some excitement. The direction is surprisingly decent, but can't help the unfocused script get to the point soon enough. Also features music by Les Claypool, which fits the mood well enough, although the psychobilly riffing becomes distracting frequently.

Roxanne K (fr) wrote: super simple, subtle, sweetand sad little flick. entirely enjoyable. nick notle is the consummate curmudgeon.

Amanda H (mx) wrote: Okay... so obviously this movie is not family-friendly. To say the very least. In fact I'm not sure it shouldn't be located in the "adult" section of the video store. But there are some fascinating characters, and while there's really nowhere near enough plot, it's just interesting enough that for some reason I kept watching. I'm still not sure why.

Spencer P (br) wrote: This is more than a boxing movie - it's a gritty symbol of the value of life, and of when we discover we have fulfilled our potential. Supported by great performers and an all-in-one job by Clint Eastwood, but it has me on a few strong dialogues.

Luis C (gb) wrote: "A Casa dos Espritos" traz um bom elenco, mas (C) mal dirigido, mal editado e extremamente melodramtico. Al (C)m disso, a subtrama sobrenatural no combina com o filme.

Gerardo F (au) wrote: OK, con pelis como esta me doy cuenta de que me estoy convirtiendo en un puto snob. Es ms fome que las rechuchas, pero me gust... y mucho.... en fin.

JH K (fr) wrote: Aunque sigue siendo todo un placer ver a Kurosawa manejar samurais, y su factura es impecable, se queda un poco bajo el nivel por, quiza, un guion que no da para 3 horas y acaba decepcionando.

Aniko V (us) wrote: A simple and cute story - loved the family life it portrayed :-)

M C (br) wrote: For a 1980s movie night of the demons is very scary film, but it has a lot of annoying tropes. It's one of those movie with a few of those completely helpless characters that are just annoying to watch. This usually isn't that hard to get over in a movie, but here it was just hilariously dumb. Also a few of the actors are just atrocious, and the writing can be pretty bad at times. The worst acting comes from two of the female main characters (you will know who I'm talking about when you watch the movie) and they are bad. Really bad. But not all of the acting is bad. William Gollo and Amilia Kinkade both gave great performances. This has got to be one of the scariest 80s film I've seems. The makeup is great, the backstory is great, and the direction is exceptional. The weird occult atmosphere of the film works very well and creates a menacing felling for most of the film. This one feels way ahead of its time, and if you overlook some of the flaws you can have a great time with it, but there's a bit to much to work on for me to give it a great score. 70/100