Shampoo Horns

Shampoo Horns

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Ryan K (es) wrote: Not sure which is worse, the CGI or the acting.

Adam F (mx) wrote: New York, New York, just how i pictured it...

Vincent S (br) wrote: overall fascinating but where is clips of FOXES with the amazing Jodie Foster and the beautiful Cherie Curie!? Though clips of the two movies that changed my life, Woman Under the Influence and The Long Goodbye help a lot! plus my second favorite Cop movie To Live and Die in L.A.? Great documentary! Now let's do Chicago! I can film that one! any backers?

Max G (de) wrote: An amazing film with lots of laughs, LOTS of gore and even some sad scenes in an innovative horror/action/comedy... DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS!Also followed up by the hilarious 'Hot Fuzz'. Neither of these films are to be missed.Overall a 9.75/10 or 5 stars

Leonard D (mx) wrote: A true work of genius by Tim Burton!

Scott C (gb) wrote: One of Carroll Ballard's better films, but still quite dry. I really like Charles Martin Smith though, so could see myself watching this again just to see him. Wow, can't believe it was written by Curtis Hanson!

Jason K (it) wrote: great story, characters, location and all. could've been phenomenal but george lazenby killed 007 as hayden christtensen killed star wars

Scott S (au) wrote: The acting power of this flick gave it the potential to be awesome. Tragically, the plot, the dialogue, and the cinematography caused it to fall flat on its face. I don't know perhaps it's possible to have a freed-19th century-slave-in-a-classic-Chinese-martial-arts-porno film. I do know this one lacked all sorts of chemistry to make the magic happen.

Margarita S (fr) wrote: My husband described this movie best: "Shamelessly stealing elements from the first instalment in the Linklater trilogy." Skip it and watch "Before Sunrise" instead. Or watch it and make fun of it like we did. It's the perfect movie to watch when you're in need of an outlet for some punchiness.