Shana: The Wolf's Music

Shana: The Wolf's Music

The First Nations girl Shana is a very gifted musician. But to bring her violin to sing, she must follow the wolf. Nino Jacusso has filmed this captivating coming-of-age drama with sensational beauty and spiritual tenderness.

The coming-of-age story about a Canadian First Nations girl who triumphs over obstacles in her young life. Her new teacher discovers her extraordinary gifts as a violinist. When Shana goes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shana: The Wolf's Music torrent reviews

Jignesh M (gb) wrote: Half star is also not deserved !!!

Jason J (it) wrote: Very cool movie!! Effects are flawless, acting believable and storyline very credible. As "found footage, mockumentaries" go they did an incredible job on this one.

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