Shandra: The Jungle Girl

Shandra: The Jungle Girl

Deep in the heart of the South American jungle, a legendary creature known only as “Shandra” has been attacking men by the light of the full moon. But this extraordinary invader inflicts pleasure rather than pain!

Deep in the heart of the South American jungle, a legendary creature known only as “Shandra” has been attacking men by the light of the full moon. But this extraordinary invader inflicts pleasure rather than pain! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan C (us) wrote: I heard so many times over the last four years that this movie was underrated that it was probably overrated by the time I saw it. Much better than I would have expected when it came out and perfectly enjoyable, but nothing amazing.Grade: B

Dustin D (us) wrote: "Hamlet 2" was probably better in theory than it was in execution, but it is still a funny parody of the tired "inspirational teacher" genre.

Jonathan D (it) wrote: For such an silly, fluffy movie, Speed Racer needed more self-aware campy humor to be enjoyable. As it is, it bores in stretches and can't decide whether to take itself too seriously or not seriously at all. Had it fully embraced the latter, it could have been a lot of fun. As it is, the visuals are inventive and impressive, Lost's Matthew Fox is awesome (he alone, as the deep-voiced and impossibly macho "Racer X", seems to understand the type of cheesy fun this movie should be), and Christina Ricci is lovely, so it's not a total loss. It's just not a movie that I'd watch again. **1/2 (out of five).

Rick L (br) wrote: Okay, but even at only 80 minutes and with a great cast I still kept looking at the clock and waiting for this to end.

Daniel B (ca) wrote: LaChapelle had about an hour of material, which he proceeds to streeetch out. I need to learn how to Krump. Or do I?

Greg R (it) wrote: This is a film where I don't know what to think of it, and by that, I don't know if I hate it or find it a guilty pleasure. I can not for the life of me call this a good movie by any means, it's pretty stupid. Ron Howard is a great, talented director, but in my opinion, this is easily one of his biggest missteps.


Riri H (gb) wrote: very very weird film that i watched when i was young and impressionable = lots of writhing bodies in erotic exercises to release tension and discover real essence of a person form the backdrop to a traiditonal love stoy of a warm hearted, open, trusting young woman and a repressed, uniformed , self-controlledrussian soldier. tragic ending is predicatable -= but surprise twist, which is totally surrealistic - is not. one of the seminal films of the decade, has impressed itself on my psyche and affected who i am! may not have same affect on you - depends how young/impressionable u r! enjoy anyway

Carl M (us) wrote: "My kind of horror isn't horror anymore... No one's afraid of a painted monster."With this, director Peter Bogdanovich makes a bold statement about the changing social climate of the late 60's that would reshape the cinematic landscape forever. The words are spoken by a withered old Byron Orlok, played by the great Boris Karloff. Orlok is an old-fashioned and out-of-date actor who is scheduled to make a final appearance at the Reseda drive-ins during the showing of his latest film. Unbeknownst to Orlok and the rest of the moviegoers, an uninvited guest is also in attendance... A man perched high above the screen with a sniper rifle pointed at the crowd. As the movie plays, shots ring out and audience members are mercilessly killed at random, unaware that this film would be their last.Fashioned after the Charles Whitman shootings in 1966, TARGETS hit frighteningly close to home in a time when the real horrors were the ones unfolding in the streets and newspapers of America. No one was safe when your friend or neighbor could be a murderer in disguise. There are no monsters here, no creepy castles or graveyards. What is also missing, and what makes TARGETS such a terrifying experience, is a motive. Bogdanovich broke new ground in 1968 by featuring a motiveless killer with no remorse and no explanation behind his actions. This would become characteristic in the Slasher genre in the years to follow, beginning with BLACK CHRISTMAS and HALLOWEEN, but at the time, it was quite revolutionary. The inclusion of Boris Karloff, a name synonymous with Horror, is also quite important. An era had ended, and with it went its many monsters. New Horror, including pictures like ROSEMARY'S BABY and later THE EXORCIST, took place right here at home, and could happen to anyone.Karloff is in his finest form here as always, but the spotlight quickly moves to a charming, handsome, and charismatic young man named Bobby. Tim O'Kelly's disarming smile and cheerful demeanor remove all suspicion even as he travels to the gun store and decides on an ideal location for his murder spree. Still, there is a coldness about him that is difficult to decipher. He is excellently cast in the role.Bogdanovich keeps the audience at the edge of their seats during a number of stress-inducing scenes. Like in STRAW DOGS from 1971, the violence is raw and extreme. The whir of the bullets are accompanied by quick zooms to give the illusion of movement. Even in the expository sequences, Bogdanovich maintains a high level of interest through his well-rounded and engaging characters.TARGETS is a brilliant thriller that has had a tremendous impact on the genre. Its rediscovery is sure to leave a lasting impression with modern audiences. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Emma L (it) wrote: Dismal. Joffe can really do much better (Brighton Rock).

Cal V (de) wrote: The best love story ever made because it's unlike any other and doesn't go the happy Hollywood route.

Herschel P (fr) wrote: The most overrated movie of all time

Jake A (us) wrote: Though by no means the best the genre has to offer this is a Western like few others with the primary focus being on the hardships and expectations of women from the time. The cast is stellar and they all put in solid performances, it looks great, what action there is is well crafted, the locations are equally beautiful and terrifying in their secluded and desolate nature, the score is excellent and though the plot is strong and I like the premise it unfortunately doesn't quite feel satisfying enough but what is there is relatively enjoyable and at least original.