Shanghai Panic

Shanghai Panic

A glimpse into the lives of 4 Shanghai teenagers

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Shanghai Panic torrent reviews

Adarsh P (kr) wrote: such a gr8 indian movie must watch.....full of emotions ,happiness nd....jst a really gr8 realistic story...

Julie G (kr) wrote: It's like a mix of The Cube and Resident Evil on a small budget. At least, the set is creepy, the graphics decent, and the acting slightly better than a tv movie.

Jesse M (ru) wrote: it funny my movie suck ya but please don't ever let me catch youhi you doin -rapsusia

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Could be interesting depending on historical accuracies...

Joe L (au) wrote: Great Movie! Shows that you have to stand up for what you believe in!

Mark R (au) wrote: Kind of fun, in a brainless sort of way. Good if you were 10 years old on Halloween in 1993...

Victor R (ca) wrote: You can realize that this is quite an personal movie for director Richard Kelly, but still he was able to 'implant' ambiguity into the plot of this 80s freakshow. Donnie Darko is certainly one of my favorite movies.

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - 2/20/2009)