A glowing space ship that arrives in the middle of the forest near a village in Pakistan and a glowing figure appears and follows a terrified girl Hina and assume the appearance of a young ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Urdu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Shani 1989 full movies, Shani torrents movie

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Shani torrent reviews

Eduardo C (gb) wrote: Efeitos especiais feitos no Paint.

Jaime R (es) wrote: Has Godard ever been so self-absorbed with his own work before? I don't believe so.

Lee N (br) wrote: A slightly above average straight to dvd syfy channel movie. The world has been taken over by giant bugs and its up to a goofy guy and a few pals to save the day. The effects are what you would expect, but the script is quite sharp and few good comedy moments too. Acting is better than expected too due to the addition of some actual film/tv stars and not dumb blondes.

Josh I (it) wrote: Classic Jack Black. Not sure why this movie got such low reviews. Really worth checking out.

Amanda b (nl) wrote: awsome movie it became an instant favorite the first time i saw it

Jason T (fr) wrote: It was a ok Action Movie, Love the Sniper Gun

Michael L (jp) wrote: an ultimately unsatisfying film, this is among marlenes' first US films and definetely one of her weaker efforts. the tale unfortunately drags despite some very well staged musical numbers. cary grant, in one of his first major roles definetely stood out and herbert marshall played the same guy he always plays.

randy p (br) wrote: best fucking movie ever great amount of weed usage just a fun movie all around nothing bad from this movie...loved it from start to finish

Sisi V (jp) wrote: WTH? This is one of the dumber Christian movies I've hate watched. The premise is as dim as that of October Baby.... Actually, it's even dumber. I'd sooner believe that someone had a 9 month abortion and that the baby was saved and only had issues from the abortion the minute she turned 18. For starters this one random preacher in a shiny suit is a threat to what? The law declaring that Christians can't proclaim themselves superior to everyone else isn't exactly plausible in the United States. Even the liberal ACLU would have an issue wtih that. And let's say that our laws changed that much, no one (not even most Christians) give a sh*t about random tv preachers in shiny suits. I think most of them are pretty sick of preachers in bad suits. Things suddenly appear with no explanation and the coincidences, while a popular feature of badly made movies, are even worse than most. Watch this movie only while very drunk.