Teenage gang member Cal, hides his sexuality from the his fellow happy slapping gang members despite their often violent dislike of anyone that isn't the same as them, be they unsuspecting shoppers, foreign students, gays etc. When his world collides with Olivier, a student he rescues from a pointless beating, he encounters a lifestyle that presents as many new experiences as it does obstacles.

A closeted teenage street punk takes up with the latest roughed-up gay victim of his bullying gang, which does not set well with the gang's drugged-up, brotherly leader. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shank torrent reviews

Sabena A (gb) wrote: This is an ok movie, it felt stretched out and some pats were boring, lead pair was great but storyline just ruined it, one time watch only.

Michael T (au) wrote: Unique, unusual Spanish-language film.

Devon B (it) wrote: Kind of like "Crash." Not as good, but not bad. Certainly not as bad as the critics say it is. Perhaps a bit slow but not boring. Great performances. The perfect movie if you wish to feel more depressed about life .. hehe.

Jeanee S (ca) wrote: i love stuff like this !!!

Daniel M (ru) wrote: Very intriguing film

Alex G (fr) wrote: Weird as all hell, but powerful in pieces, this movie strives to be better than it is.

Kevin W (nl) wrote: 500? 500 what douche bag? 500 fights consider yourself a legitimate tough guy ..

Jacob D (it) wrote: I love this movie and it's watch ability factor to it awesome movie to watch on any occasion.

Gina H (de) wrote: Sweet comedy - is funny purely because of Robin Williams!

Ralanna S (ca) wrote: This is such a good movie !!

Joel W (ag) wrote: Watching this on a 35mm print with a full audience was quite a memorable experience.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: You always were a great one for glory.George Armstrong Custer is a rebellious teen with delusions of grandeur. He attends Westpoint where he remains on the brink of getting kicked out. A huge war breaks out over the plains between the white man and the Indians and captains are in short supply. Out of an act of desperation, Custer is anointed Captain of a key regimen in the mid west. The story of Custer and his affairs with the Indians historically unfolds."You little, fat, pipsqueak!"Raoul Walsh, director of Objective Burma, High Sierra, White Heat, The Roaring Twenties, They Drive by Night, and Band of Angels, delivers They Died with their Boots On. The storyline for this picture is just okay. The character development and subplots are pretty good and I enjoyed the acting, but the overall film felt kind of average to me. The cast includes Errol Flynn, Arthur Kennedy, Olivia de Havilland, Charley Grapewin, Anthony Quinn, and Gene Lockheart. "No white man will set foot on sacred soil."I grabbed this movie off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) when I discovered it starred Errol Flynn. I generally enjoy his classics but I found this to be just okay. Custer was presented in a very interesting and compelling way but the overall direction of the picture is kind of bland. Overall, I'd see this once but wouldn't go out of my way to see this picture."I don't think your stay will be very long with us, Mr. Custer."Grade: B-

Jonathan P (us) wrote: I know I am in the vast minority here but I prefer Conan The Destroyer over the Conan The Barbarian. While it is just as cheesy and poorly acted as the first the fact that is a tad bit more family friendly makes it all seem more enjoyable. As with the first, Conan The Destroyer doesn't seem to understand that its target audience should be younger viewers as the cheesy writing, poor effects, and outlandish storytelling make for a movie kids will enjoy more than adults. At least this one does a better job at realizing it more than its predecessor.