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Shankar torrent reviews

Ben V (gb) wrote: The best film I've seen in ages, Set in Wales in the 1970's, A school play combining The Tempest into a musical, with 1970's classics David Bowie etc etc, SUPERB, acting great storyline fantastic. No spoilers but great quote "You can't persuade someone to love you, And you can't hate them for just saying No" I've been blown away and very happy for it ;0)

Pascale T (nl) wrote: Just a very good movie!

Frankie J (de) wrote: Asher D is really good in it. It is a bit depressing but its a really good film.

Marek S (us) wrote: Specyficzny. Najlepiej przed obejrzeniem znac i kochac dziela wszystkie Williama Gibsona oraz klasyke noir SF a i tak sie czlowiek troche wynudzi. Ale wypada znac.

Joerg V (br) wrote: this film caught my senses from the first minute on. highly recommended. and a good, realistic retrospection back into the 1980s.

Max W (ca) wrote: Easily the worst in this otherwise great series

Kaleb L (kr) wrote: This movie is badass for what it is. It's definitly a good movie to watch with a group of friends.

Knox M (de) wrote: A bit confusing with its oddly enough drawn-out plot, but a must view for Jaws and Sam Fuller fans...

Ekene O (us) wrote: Grade: A+. As a NASCAR fan, I loved this movie as a little kid. This movie is great because of the long lasting enjoyment of it. If I were too watch it today (about ten years after seening it for the first time) I would still find my self enjoying every second of it.

Jonathan B (gb) wrote: Ingrid Pitt became the "Queen of Hammer" when she bathed in the blood of virgins and donned a skimpy nylon neglig in this 1970's horror film. It is rather tame by Hammer standards and would certainly fail to scare all but those of a cripplingly nervous disposition, however, as with all Hammer films, there's a campy sense of fun that still makes it watchable today.