Shankaranum Mohananum

Shankaranum Mohananum

A photographer is haunted by the ghost of his dead brother who always craved love. Mohan is a photographer who has separated from his wife, an aspiring actress. His brother, Sankaran is married to a much younger Rajalakshmi, whom he deeply loves. Sankaran dies due to a snakebite, but returns as a ghost. He then begins haunting his own brother!

Sankaranum Mohananum is a 2011 Malayalam fantasy/comedy/drama film written and directed by T. V. Chandran about the strange incidents faced by Mohanakrishnan (Jayasurya) from the ghost of his dead brother Sankaran (also played by Jayasurya). It explores the realm of human relationships in a sensitive manner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alison O (nl) wrote: Surprised by the low ratings. This was well done, not hoakey at all.

Corrina C (de) wrote: funny film lil bro loves it

keith s (mx) wrote: Incredibly pretentious

Dillian K (de) wrote: i love it itz awesome

Marita D (it) wrote: Boy meets really mess up girl. He for some reason wants to help her get better. Here begins one of the cutest romances ever. She's basically the worlds worst girl friends & he is the most adorable guy and basically what she needs to get better. Plus there's time traveling.. Well kinda...

Stephanie A (ag) wrote: Not a good movie vehicle for either of these talented actors, a bit of an 80's cliche.

Mato M (ca) wrote: I love love love this movie.. I love the way they talk.. and there are some parts where its so funny.. like when she's running, and she's running.. so on and so on.. anyway, great movie.

Leo L (it) wrote: Great Irving Berlin music (one song about yam) and elegant dancing. The plot (with hypnosis and all that) is typically silly but fun.

Paul W (br) wrote: Excellent! Highly recommended.