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Shantinivasam torrent reviews

Daniel P (br) wrote: Takes an Alice Munro story and makes it a Sam Lipsyte one, undoing itself with an increasingly implausible plot and acting that's too understated.

Joen O (ca) wrote: Waste of time. Redundant. Useless.

Paul B (au) wrote: Trouble, noire, glauque... deprime de ces personages de l ombre, sans ame, ronges par le stress d un travail mal payer. Le convoyeur est un tres bon film independant sur l univers inconnu des convoyeurs de fond.

rose r (gb) wrote: broken u can see what going on inside the borken life of normal people

Scott C (au) wrote: Mildly interesting, but sleazy.

Johnny B (mx) wrote: One crazy ass piece of a movie dude.

Greg W (au) wrote: Beyond all its pointless circling around the center, Random Hearts tests audience patience by showing behavior far too long before explaining it.

Eric J (br) wrote: Didn't make me laugh a lot but a family film, classic Adam sandler and would probably watch again.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: A focused character movie.

Daniel B (gb) wrote: funny but kind of different of De Palma movies

Virgil B (us) wrote: this movie was odd, it was a lot more like a certain type of japenese samuri movie than a chinese kung fu movie. the pacing was somewhat akward but in spite of everything i actually kind of liked this movie.

bill s (au) wrote: Not the coziest of movies but Duvall does his best and the movie just goes in circles

Greg W (br) wrote: just OK war thriller

Brad G (jp) wrote: Definitely not my favorite of the Corman/Price/Poe films, Tomb of Ligeia definitely entertains with its typically manic lead Price performance and there are some trippy hipno-dreams that showcase what works best in the 60s Corman era. The film drags at the halfway mark, and could have used a little more pulp in the middle. That Black Cat sure doesn't like Price though, meow. VF.