Shaolin Abbot

International favorite, David Chiang, stars as the great Chih Shim, the monk who saved the Southern Shaolin Temple. Joining him is Lo Lieh, the Shaws' first international star who returns ...

This, and even more, makes for a true martial arts epic of the first order. Making this production all the more notable is Lo Lieh, Shaws' first international star, who returns to a role he also made famous - that of Shaolin renegade Pai Mei. But here he portrays the great Chih Shim, the monk who saved the Southern Shaolin Temple. While international favorite David Chiang was best known for his roles as a grinning, streetwise, fighter in many Chang Cheh-directed classics, he rarely played a noble warrior monk

Shaolin Abbot is a funny movie of Kuang Ni (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 1979. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, for example David Chiang, Lieh Lo, Lily Li, Norman Chu, Kuan-chung Ku, Wei Szu, Helen Poon, Yung Henry Yu, Shen Chan, Han Chiang, Nan Chiang, Tao Chiang, Miao Ching, Ging Man Fung, En-chi Kuo. There are many categories, such as Adventure. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.8 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Adam R (it)

(First and only viewing - 9/3/2013)

Alex B (gb)

A mostly tiresome, slow-moving film (seemingly a hundred years old) about bourgeois pretense/hypocrisy/confusion that's (ironically) extremely conventional and ultimately cowardly and morally bankrupt/repugnant

Ashleigh S (nl)

ouch*. Really made me think. Really touching

Atom J (de)

he literally eats a shoe because he lost a bet

David E (ru)

he summer of a lifetime is the season for me & so is this film!. Humorous acting, wacky characters, perfect settings (on a island), great story, fantastic summer music, & tons of fun. "One Crazy Summer" is definitely One Crazy Summer! This film shows how summertime should be & truly fits the title: Crazy

Jordan B (es)

. . its beyond all the words. . . love it

Leo S (ca)

. . . dari situ imajinasi Isabel ngebayangin kalo misalnya nih cewe idupnya ngga cuma di pasar ikan doang. ide film dari Isabel Coixet ketika jalan ke pasar ikan di Tokyo, ketemu cewe yg kerja, berusaha motret tapi cewenya ngga mau dipotret. ini cuma drama thriller yg rada boring. jangan ngarepin nih film banyak action dar der dor-nya. cerita seorang perempuan yg kerja di pasar ikan n kalo malem nyambi jadi pembunuh bayaran. written n direct by Isabel Coixet, film Spanyol yg setting-nya di Tokyo. Rinko Kikuchi demen bener buka baju :P pertama liat pas di Babel, sayang mukanya rada kurang sedep euy

Michael S (de)

One of the films that defined my childhood

Paul K (kr)

Yummy. Lots of event, but really it's exploring 'the meaning of life' in a meaningful way. No one's good or bad, just casually cruel and well-meaning at the same time. Elegantly interlinked, with a plotline that isn't linear in time. No significant amounts of sex or violence, just 'ordinary' people getting on with life. I lapped it up. What a delicious film

St Ivo School F (ag)

Otherwise, pap. . . Absolutely appalling!Mildly gripping once the footballer arrived on the scene