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The plot thickens as the heroes, Pak and Hak, discover a horrible plan by the evil genius "DR.Magma" as he makes the evil dead come to life and fight the Shaolin monks that have mastered the art of fighting.

Shaolin vs. Evil Dead is a kung fu vampire movie starring Gordon Liu. The work is one of Liu's most recent and was released between the time of Kill Bill volumes 1 & 2 and exploited his acting in the two films on the North American DVD cover. The movie title itself exploits the film Evil Dead, however there is actually no relationship between two films. The film also heavily references the style of Mr. Vampire, though has a unique plot. The film ends abruptly, without resolution, because of a planned sequel, which is previewed in the end credits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Ian R (ag) wrote: Great movie with lots of cynicism and a dark ending. Tons of cameos!

Jason D (ca) wrote: Thank It Wood be cool to see lol :) not that im in to that kind of thang oooo yayaa

Jimmy P (gb) wrote: I stopped watching this train wreck 8 minutes in.

Michael W (fr) wrote: This movie is being panned by critics, but I don't understand what they expected. It's pretty much what every kids movie should be - cute, kinda dumb plot-wise and totally harmless. Plus, Hank Azaria was pretty awesome as Gargamel . Seriously, people - stop taking this stuff so... seriously!

Leena L (nl) wrote: loved the colors of the film but.... At least it is over and done with.

Ryan B (nl) wrote: Great movie, I'd have to say this has a little bit of everything in it, lots of comedy, a little action, a smidgen of romance, some drama, no horror though which why would there be when it's a comedy adventure movie. Anyhow I really enjoyed it, the music to it was very good and there was even a few oldies in it which I loved (I'm a huge 70s, 80s and 90s person). Matthew Lillard, Dax Shepard and Seth Green are I think at their best in this one. Highly recommended

Evan M (ru) wrote: Innovating much more on the original's premise, Toy Story 2 introduces many more characters that provide a much more lighthearted tone than the first, complete with a hilarious story, poignant moments and great animation for its time.

Leena L (gb) wrote: Against all odds this was kind of funny. weird people in it, starting from sex bomb Angelina, weirdo Billy Bob and Cate as a sad house wife with interest in french language...

Esperana N (nl) wrote: nice thriller!! crazy, suspense and action!

Zoran S (ag) wrote: Better than most of Wayne's last Westerns, mainly due to its Peckinpah-like theme about the collision between the old and the new. It starts off strong but drags a bit by the end.

Paul B (es) wrote: An enjoyable romp that IMDB have, foolishly, listed as a biography through the massively fictionalised story of Rasputin in which here he is portrayed as something very evil in a brilliant performance by Christopher Lee. A solid Hammer effort that was, like most of their films at this time, filmed back to back with another (a Dracula movie I believe) & Lee relished being released from those shackles and its his menacing performance that raises this above normal Hammer fayre.

Viktor N (mx) wrote: Just because you have to of the greatest actors of your time, it doesn't mean you can forget all about a plot. It had nice colors..

Maurcio V (ru) wrote: Alm da presena do James Franco atuando no piloto automtico e a performance quase amadora da Freida Pinto, PLANETA DOS MACACOS: A ORIGEM carece de certa substncia na narrativa. Apresenta, porm, grandiosos efeitos visuais que merecem ser vistos.

Ian M (au) wrote: I do love it when celebrities take the piss out of themselves. This is absolutely hilarious, and a was chuckling throughout. I would have loved to have been at the concept meeting! Genius!

Jason Charles L (ca) wrote: good music by george harrison

Pavan R (ag) wrote: An interesting story with a dash of a musical..makes a pretty good watch overall

Mark S (es) wrote: I liked this more than some critics seem to have done. It feels quite brief and the conclusion is pretty sudden but I'm a fan of Kafka and I felt his influence through this film. It's also similar in feel to something Lang or Murnau would have done and I like their work. Allen managed to attract an all-star cast for this strange film, including Madonna of all people (and at the height of her fame too), and it's the penultimate time he and then-wife Mia Farrow would appear on screen together.

Russell H (us) wrote: This was decent because Tom Hanks is always good. The kid was funny.

Richard T (ca) wrote: First movie where my children 4 and 8 years old wanted to leave in the middle because it was "boring". That should tell you how horrible this movie was. Just boring.

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