A man takes in his daughter's fiance only to learn that he has been frequenting a prostitute under the auspices of teaching her to read and write.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Sharafat 1970 full movies, Sharafat torrents movie

With the passing away of Rajesh's parents, Jagatram undertakes to look after him. He hopes that some day Rajesh will marry his daughter Rekha. He arranges Rajesh's employment with a local ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily L (de) wrote: Some of the more dramatic moments were slightly overdone, but overall a wonderful and moving show.

Michael D (br) wrote: apart from the characters not always being well structured, pretty good and engaging.

Carmen C (de) wrote: "Under the Hawthorn Tree" is a film about pure and beautiful love set in the final years of the cCultural revolution. It is a very touching and romantic story. Couldn't help crying when I was watching it.T_T.

Mike T (mx) wrote: Lots of thrills and effects, tons of action, a uber new age sci-fi with pulpy storytelling and new age thrills and techno guns. It's not a bad movie and the soundtrack is killer, but I guess people were turned off by the ultra-sleek fun coolness and futurism as these people prefer the more serious, quiet, old school stories and not just sexy epic long megastories like this one, which albeit one of the best cartoon/pulp movies, that's what makes it hard to assign a rating to, because it's just so darn fun that it almost seems too good to be true, and too futuristic and commercial to seem like an excellent movie, even though it is!

Smashlea M (jp) wrote: OMFG. So hideous. . so funny. Jeff Rector should never be allowed to do ANYTHING. if you can get past the 1-888-BITEME it's totally hilarious.

Diegane M (ru) wrote: Un film de SF franais ? Avec une vision futuriste de Paris ? Avec Albert Dupontel ?! Sur le papier, Chrysalis etait prometteur mais malheureusement il se revele etre une grosse deception au regard de son potentiel. En effet, le film n'est jamais a la hauteur des attentes placees en lui: la vision futuriste de la capitale est expediee en quelques plans (manque de moyens), le production design semble sorti d'une pub AEG electrolux contribuant ainsi a installer une ambiance froide qui risque de rebuter pas mal de spectateurs. Il en va de meme pour les acteurs qui campent des personnages ayant peu de substance rendant ainsi toute identification impossible et a ce titre le meilleur exemple est le flic autiste et mono-expressif incarne par Dupontel. Enfin et c'est sans doute le plus gros defaut du film de Julien Leclercq, le scenario est une accumulation de cliches et d'emprunts scenaristiques maladroits a d'autres films de science fiction, Minority Report en tete. Au final, il reste peu de choses a sauver: quelques fulgurances dans la mise en scene de Leclercq (dont on attendra le prochain film avant de porter un jugement de valeur) et les bastons de close-combat brillamment corgraphiee par Alain Fliglarz. Chrysalis n'est donc pas LE film de Sf franais tant attendu, toutefois il faut au moins lui reconnaitre un mrite: celui d'avoir un peu bouleverser le paysage de l'industrie cinemathographique franaise. Un coup ratedonc, mais qui ne tente rien n'a rien et on a besoin de films comme a (meme si ils ne sont pas russis) pour donner un coup de fouet au cinema de genre franais.

Barry T (jp) wrote: this was a great atmospheric story with a well acted cast!!

Amber S (de) wrote: This movie was real shows how gurls shouldnt be treated diffrent when they in jail just cause they females

Abe R (gb) wrote: This is an overlooked gem. It is one of the most beautiful movies ever made. This movie almost brought me to tears near the end.

Hentie J (ca) wrote: Anthony Hopkins' best performance ever, which says a lot.

Scott A (kr) wrote: Great film! Ranks in my top 10 (along with Casa Blanca). George C. Scott's portrayal of Patton shows why he was beloved by his men. He was tough, demanding, yet he cared deeply about his men (the scenes where he kissed the wounded were especially powerful).

Holly T (it) wrote: Great film but ending a bit disappointing

Nandi C (jp) wrote: A cop(Carl Weathers) gets up with a woman with problems of her own(Vanity) in Detroit to track down a cold blooded killer. This is one of Sharon Stone's first movies. Plenty of action.

Derek W (ru) wrote: Balancing comedy and aspects of a gangster movie into a drama works wonders with Crystal and DeNiro making a surprisingly dynamic on-screen duo.

Mayank A (es) wrote: Grim, slow & long, the movie is brutal in showcasing how the child soldiers are born, the way they are broken and re-forged. The visuals are done up well with the shifts from drug induced hallucinations to documentary style details is effortless. The casting is superb, Idris Elba as the Commandant delivers a solid performance. Still it's the child actor Abraham Attah as Agu who is the true star of the movie. Frankly for me while I felt the movie is well made, it was just too lengthy for the traumatic story it covered.