1959 Bollywood Drama Comedy

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Josh M (us) wrote: The use of gore is insanely present here and it is all Tokyo Gore Police is about. TGP shows you all gore and only gore. Forget about a plot, character traits, or anything that is not painted red with blood. Only gore is necessary!

Andres R (ru) wrote: Cute and adorable. A guilty pleasure film for sure.

Amir M (de) wrote: Antonio Banderas is excellent as Pancho Villa in this well executed movie.

Saskia D (jp) wrote: I wasn't really feeling it. The characters were a bit shallow. A lot more could've been done with the theme wolf-brigade and the red riding hood connection. I would've liked a little more mystery.

Kenneth M (us) wrote: After 20 years this is still a brilliant film.

Lee P (ag) wrote: Not heard of this but when you have got John Candy in soo needs to be watched.Not one of his best but some funny moments here and there.

Neil A (es) wrote: story was fairly funny, the make-up was terribly funny.