An ordinary fisherman attempts to save his village from a corrupted politician.

Sura is a story that is set in Yaazh Nagar, a fishermen hamlet in coastal Tamil Nadu. The name of the place has a lot of political significance with the recent political turmoil over the ethnic strife in the neighbouring Sri Lanka. Sura (Vijay) is born and brought up here in the company of his friend, Ambar La alias Umbrella (Vadivelu). Meanwhile, he comes across young bubbly Poornima (Tamannaah) who chooses to end her life unable to cope with the death of her pet dog. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Swetha A (us) wrote: jokes were not upto the mark

Tom M (ca) wrote: Every extreme right wing neo-con should see this having their eyelids glued to their forehead, and nose smeared in the screen being told, "look what you did and are still doing!!"

Elgan D (ca) wrote: Some chills but never quite reaches the level of terrifying. There is an element of having seen this all before but this may be harsh criticism for a film which is now 8 years old.

R Anthony S (kr) wrote: I'm a time travel story junkie. I have been into time travel stories for as long as I can remember. The problem with this film isn't that it concerns time travel. The problem is that the story is not well-fleshed. The audio is hard to follow, and the story points are clearly added in later as an afterthought. Even on rewatching it really doesn't make sense. Not because it is time travel, but because the story is not fleshed out enough to leave breadcrumbs for the uninitiated (people who have not read the script) to be able to follow it. In the end you have to take the narrator's word for it that the film makes sense. There is a story here. I personally hope someone else takes the time to tell it well.

Mike W (nl) wrote: Bernie Mac is amazing in this film!

Matthew S (it) wrote: Kathleen Turner is great in the role and you want to really love this satire of sick obsession and a murder spree -- but somehow John Waters fails to bring it all together. Still, well worth a look for Water's fans.

Christopher S (nl) wrote: It's not without its melodramatic moments, and definitely drags in places. But the strong cast is given compelling characters, and it's a well-made film featuring a particularly rousing battle sequence. A good film, but not a great one.

Muhammed N (mx) wrote: Transcend yourself into one of the rare and most bitter cinematic experiences of all time.

Travis T (mx) wrote: instant classic! an swesome movie to watch with your friends!

Luc L (kr) wrote: A poor comedy quite forgettable.

Paul N (mx) wrote: Offbeat, grimy, cheeky gangster pic with Chicago enforcer Lee Marvin taking on Missouri meat magnate/gangster Gene Hackman (named "Mary Ann"!) benefits from its unique meat factory setting. Sissy Spacek debuts, playing a teen prostitute!

Robert C (kr) wrote: for this KIND of film it's above average (avg being a 3). I was solidly entertained. I just had my first rewatch since it came out almost a decade ago. Fun to see some actors in this that i discovered later (Gerard Butler, Michael Sheen, and the Merovingian from the Matrix). It is NOT a 12% movie.

Jeremy C (mx) wrote: This film was plain boring. I couldn't get into it like other Disney films.GRADE:C