Shark Bait

Shark Bait

After losing everything, a young fish, Pi, goes to live with his family on the Reef. There he meets the love of his life but finds that she already has the unwanted affections of a bully shark. He must follow his destiny to save her and rid the Reef of this menace for good.

One fish must find his destiny to save his home and the love of his life from a bullying shark. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay B (nl) wrote: Kind of a one-note, foul-mouthed joke, but it works occasionally. Besides, if you're dipping into Bad Santa 2, you probably know what you're getting into here. Bates is a fun edition to the madness as well.

Carlos M (nl) wrote: Dialogues (and monologues) have never been Trr's forte, so it is wonderful to see him make a mostly silent and simple portrayal of the burden of existence in thirty hypnotizing long takes - the most visually and narratively well polished film of his career, yet ironically his last one.

Adinda Rubie P (kr) wrote: A simple clich romantic comedy movie.Lilt bit touchy at the last chapter; when Kyle visits Jackie one day before Christmast Eve.You know surf wisdom says that you gotta swim out of your comfort zone to catch the wave that's gonna change your life. -Kyle.

Nate M (kr) wrote: Way better than those awful direct to tv/DVD movies. This one has great characters and good lessons for young girls especially. My almost 7 year old loved it.

Denise H (kr) wrote: (Note: the description for this movie is incorrect.) A Japanese man gets a call from his daughter-in-law letting him know that his son is in the hospital having tests. Father and son have been estranged for years and are not on speaking terms. When he comes to the hospital his son refuses to see him and the father reluctantly leaves. The daughter-in-law calls again and he is is stunned to learn that his son has liver cancer and is dying. This is a movie about reflection and discovery as the father thinks back on things said and not said. He feels helpless (for the first time in his life) and decides to complete a project that his son had promised to finish. But to do so he must travel to China and coordinate everything through interpreters (he speaks no Chinese). He learns that he has been cold and unfeeling, and now his son is repeating his mistakes. A small boy, friendly villagers and helpful strangers all teach this old man a lesson about life, love and what really matters in family relationships. Excellent movie that I truly enjoyed!

Joseph W (kr) wrote: One of the most visually stunning movies I've seen

K M (ca) wrote: Would be less stars, but seeing Southie onscreen was cool

Callum M (au) wrote: Strong performances from both leads, this is an intriguing look into the urban life. Shakur breaks away from his mold of portraying gangsters to show his softer side. Another reminder of what a promising career he could have had as an actor.

Paul N (es) wrote: Classic! Killer dialogue and very natural performances lend a sharpness to this comedy of one-upmanship. The beginning of a career-defining period for director Barry Levinson.

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Greg W (us) wrote: one of 6 films young made in 1932 this pre-code talkie has her falling 4 the 'wrong sort' of man.

Bob M (kr) wrote: Never ever ever ever!!

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