Shark Hunter

Shark Hunter

The Megalodon shark. A prehistoric killing machine 60 feet long, flashing 200 pounds of teeth and weighing over 20 tons. It's the deadliest predator the world has ever seen. The scientists say it's been extinct for more than 10,000 years. The scientists are wrong. In the darkness of the deep, an underwater research station has been viciously destroyed. Now a tough team of daring divers led by Spencer Northcutt [Antonio Sabato Jr. "Melrose Place"] is taking an experimental sub to war. It's killer instinct vs. sophisticated technology, deadly jaws vs. harpoon-tipped torpedoes, mega-shark vs. modern man is a thrilling extreme deep sea fight to the death.

Years after his parents are killed by a megalodon (an enormous shark that has supposedly been extinct for millions of years), Dr. Spencer is obsessed with the idea of hunting down and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler E (gb) wrote: While it treads rather familiar ground, it has a refreshingly modern execution and cast.

Kara H (ca) wrote: Super cool and inspiring.

Dianai S (au) wrote: This movie had me going

Carole B (de) wrote: This film cracked me up - until the end. Irene, played beautifully by Tanna Frederick, is a real nut case, I knew someone like her once - she was hard to take but pople admired the fact that she had so much energy. Anyway, she;s an emotional train wreck of a girl, looking for her lost daddy in all her date and trying to "do it right" by reading all the popular books on dating. Irene In Time is funny and moving in some parts. Victoria Tennant is wonderful as Irene's mom. And you can't lose in a movie that had both David "the Sopranos" Proval and Karen Black.

Daniel T (fr) wrote: Let's stop masturbating for a moment about how "philosophical" I Heart Huckabees is; it's a philosophical send-up, not a treatise on existentialism. And in that respect, it's pretty damned clever, and really enjoyable in a sort of half-smirking way. Hoffman and Tomlin are vets in good roles, and coast their way through with garnered ease and Wahlberg frees himself up for the best performance of his career. Take off your elbow-patched tweed jacket and enjoy the self-aware postmodern thing, up till a perfect dada ending.

fran c (it) wrote: recommended zero disgust

Lilianetty l (ru) wrote: I'm fan of the old fasion vampire (Dracula, Underworld). This is what I call action packed vampire anime. But still, for a short film, I was expecting MORE. Plot: A vampire who is been told is the last one of her kind, is working for the US to kill some creatures who their mission is to kill a nurse from a school. Will Saya survive and kill her own kind? Will the Nurse do as the other people have done, suicide? interesting story-telling, but that dosn't mean I need to give it a star here :) Voice Overs: Since I watch it on 'castellano', another accent different from the mexican one or my own (it is still spanish by the way), I cannot give a whole star here for the cast, but I can give it because the spanish cast did awesome (and by spanish I mean the people with the castellano accent from SPAIN). Music: Dramatic, intense, stunning, superb. Some stars here too. I really enjoyed this part a lot. Is anime, duh! To end this review (some more anime/manga reviews coming soon), 3 and a half stars of 5. Like I said, if it is a vampire movie, don't expect me to give it a whole 5 stars (If I did before, excuse me please). Enjoy and bless YOU ALL!

Michele P (ru) wrote: Outstandingperformances Especially Robert The Great Downy Jr.

Ross B (jp) wrote: Ted Post directs this classic Clint Eastwood western centered around revenge. Eastwood plays Jed Cooper, a former lawman turned rancher, who is mistakenly hanged by a lynch mob for killing another rancher and taking his cattle. The mob leaves before totally finishing the job and he is saved by a marshal. He is brought before Judge Adam Fenton (Pat Hingle) and given an opportunity to serve the law once more while at the same time hunting down those men who strung him up. The film, while mostly about Eastwood's search for revenge, also focuses on the importance of law and order. The film at times questions the decisions the judge makes, all in the sake of peace. Even the judge himself wrestles with the decisions he has to make. Eastwood is great as always as a stone cold lawman. The film moves at a quick pace and demonstrates once again while Clint Eastwood is one of the coolest men on the planet bar none.

Christopher B (br) wrote: Quite possibly this is Sinatra finest performance; and one of Preminger's best too.

Casey S (es) wrote: The masters were at work when a 77 year old film still has this much social suspense in a political situation that never lost its relevance, not to mention the amazing chemistry among the lead protagonists.

Tyler P (mx) wrote: Bon film de braquage avec un bon casting.

Alexandra H (ru) wrote: Cold Mountain is a beautiful love story and also a depiction of the Civil War as experienced in Appalachia. While I had had an inkling of what the Civil War must have been like for women in the South, this movie really brings it home. This is not the Civil War featured in other movies--it's what ordinary people experienced--not a happy time. I'm very glad this movie was made. Enjoyable and informative.

Tom H (au) wrote: 08.01.2014Not as good as "Conan the barbarian" but still stands on it`s own as being more mystical and magical than it`s predecessor. i liked the evil wizard living on the lake in his ice castle. memorable stuff all though a little dated.

Scott M (it) wrote: Movie about a really hateful and unhappy married couple. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are wonderful. The comedy here is gold. Especially from Taylor. That they were married in real life makes it even better. One of my all time favorite movies.