Shark Night 3D

Shark Night 3D

When 7 college friends pack their swim suits for a weekend of fun-in-the-sun activities at their friend Sara's lake house, they think it will be the perfect vacation. But the tables immediately turn when the lead football star, Malik, gets his arm ripped off during a water skiing accident. While the friends are to believe his wound was a freak accident, they soon come to discover that there was a primal attack involving a shark. Now while they think that one shark is no problem, they soon come to the realization that 15 species of sharks are lurking in the water, and with no form of boat or transportation, and no signals for phone's, the group of seven now face a fate they would never imagine. They soon learn that they don't know who to trust or who to turn to for help! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shark Night 3D torrent reviews

Jon N (br) wrote: I enjoyed the fieriness of these ladies. Explains their utter domination of the sport.

Ashley T (us) wrote: Great movie actually watching it right now

James L (kr) wrote: Not so terrible I didn't finish watching - but bad enough Ill never watch it again.

Jim F (au) wrote: I could only stomach 15 minutes of this movie. But i think it enough for me to merit it a short review. I found the characters and dialogue very irritating. This bunch of pompus Brits abroad are the types i try to get away from. Their forced (have to be talking all the time) banter. They are too resposible in their 40's to be just enjoying having a lark. Their need to be talking all the time, talking rubbish, talking risque, talking loud, talking story, talking talking talking all the time. Were i sharing a pool on holiday with this bunch of fakes i would position myself as far from them as possible for the entire fortnight or however long, and i certainly was not going to waste 90 minutes of my life watching such upper class trash on TV