An army captain falls for an outgoing young woman, but unknowingly weds her shy twin sister.

An army captain falls for an outgoing young woman, but unknowingly weds her shy twin sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill s (jp) wrote: While I could overlook some misgivens from the first movie this one is ALL MISGIVENS.

Dennis L (ru) wrote: The Swedish can make good action movies as evidenced with this. The storytelling need a lot of work though.

Ben P (kr) wrote: A great look into the problems facing current, potential, and former college students. This is one documentary that every parent in the US should watch.

Jerry Mae V (nl) wrote: very interesting the movie..

Beln A (nl) wrote: Una "road movie" interesante, en la que una familia extendida debe emprender un viaje en una casa rodante para la boda de un pariente. Le da verdadero significado a la frase de Sartre, "El infierno son los otros" :)

Steve S (de) wrote: Still, fun, but the uniqueness has worn out its welcome a bit.

lloyd s (gb) wrote: Great performance by Rob, a thriller by its definition with only a few plot holes and rushed scenes

Hisham (gb) wrote: I'd like to see this one for sure...I heard that it takes us deep inside a woman's disturbing emotions and desires...With the extraordinary performance of Tilda Swinton, I'm sure this would be a movie to remember... Can anyone tell me if I can download it from anywhere by share or torrents??? I may not be able to buy it from the web anyway.

Robert I (us) wrote: So bad it stopped me from continuing to watch any of the other sequels. I might have seen 2 more on the Disney Channel though...

Jenn M (us) wrote: Lol I saw this when I was little. It was a rip off of Indiana Jones without the beauty of Harrison Ford

Kevin W (ag) wrote: Veteran neo-realist de Sica makes the leap into melodramatic farce with this moderately amusing but ultimately trivial adaptation of a well known Italian play. A mistress, kept at arm's length by her lover for seventeen years tricks him into marrying her on the eve of his own wedding to a younger woman. Throw in some unexpected plot developments to contrive this simple premise and you have a slightly overrated Oscar-nominated piece of inconsequential but nicely acted fluff. Loren's incredibly good.

Randy L (ca) wrote: saturated in every way.

John B (ag) wrote: Freaking LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Any KISS addict like me will LOVE THIS MOVIE!! ALL HAIL KISS!!!!!!!

Simon D (it) wrote: A lot of explosions and laser gun fights, too many probably, but this film does have it's charm. Tim Burton neglects his gothic side to make a colourful romp with a lot of big names. It goes to show what he can do if he gives Johnny Depp and his missus a year off. An unusual comedy sci-fi in that it avoids a lot of cliche's and it actually quite funny in places.