Sharp as Marbles

Sharp as Marbles

Albert isn't the brightest bulb on the block. But that's okay, he's got his best friends, George and Ernie to help him out. Only problem, they're just as dumb as he is.

Albert isn't the brightest bulb on the block. But that's okay, he's got his best friends, George and Ernie to help him out. Only problem, they're just as dumb as he is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyson P (de) wrote: stupid as usual with sushi typhoon movies but still entertaining

Adrian M (it) wrote: There are few stories so interesting as the rise and fall of chess genius Bobby Fischer

Xyme A (us) wrote: good enough to watch....... bt not so nice.. hus vaguthu dhuhvaalan ok.......

Nick N (ag) wrote: This was a decent film. Def not the best. Too bad. Image movers were in the right track with their films. Beowulf was amazing. Too bad we will not see anymore films like this. Maybe another company will take over. Maybe.

Lester Y (br) wrote: A one-man stage show, An Evening With John Waters more than an actual documentary. Maybe they should let users edit the descriptions, huhh? Maybe then it would give me the incentive to properly review BBC documentaries and Walt Disney menstruation videos. This is funny and insightful, all with an audience that's infinitely more tolerable than the depressing Dork Conventions that are Kevin Smith stage shows. Also, more poop.

Ashish V (au) wrote: For those who love intricate character studies.

Omar H (gb) wrote: To enjoy this movie, you must be a fan of the cartoon. Mainly a kids movie but also for some adults. A great adventure for a great head.

pete 1 (ag) wrote: average horror,not as good as carpenter's 1st film, it needs a big name & a bigger budget the action scenes are awful

Devil T (au) wrote: Hell the boob shot cover was best thing about this flick.

Les E (us) wrote: So pleased I dug this one out of the vault. Defined my late teenage years and still awesome 30 years later. The opening and closing songs are the BEST.

Jennifer T (br) wrote: Worth a look. Jennifer Jason Leigh did fantastic as a blind girl.

Scott R (ru) wrote: Definitely something new and unusual for the time. Trend setting.

Thomas P (ru) wrote: Meh.I loved Little Miss Sunshine, and altho the same ppl produced this too, it did nothing for me.I watched about two-thirds and couldn't take the static nature of the story going nowhere. When the movie finished, I felt the same way - sadly nothing, even with the clever attempt at a predictable ending.Paul Dano was great in Little Miss, but not very interesting here - an odd, one note performance.I wanted to like it, but it was just blah..2 blank stares out of 5

Abdullah A (fr) wrote: Ow man, this is such a beautiful movie. I have watched this movie so many times, and every single time, it hits me like that first. The combination of the Bryan Adams soundtrack with the beautiful amazing animation, this film will no doubt bring the out hidden emotion in you. You'll feel free, heartbroken, tense, magnificent. I don't believe that there are any Western animations that are quite like this, and in fact, I don't believe there are any animations at all that are quite like this. This is definitely NOT JUST FOR KIDS! I can't believe the amount of people saying that. Trust me, just give yourself the first 5 minutes alone and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Charlie L (es) wrote: Denzel Washington is excellent in this mostly engaging police drama.

Jim H (jp) wrote: Irish bourgeois gather for the Feast of the Epiphany in this adaptation of James Joyce's story.When I read Joyce's story in Dubliners, I thought that it was unfilmable. The conflict exists in the passage of time, the inability to really know another, and the inevitability of death -- all themes that can be conveyed but with the subtlety inherent in Joyce's writing. And when I finished John Huston's adaptation of the story, my opinions haven't changed. What emerges in Huston's work is a work of too much subtlety, and I doubt that I would understand the story's point had I not read Joyce's original work. In fact, I think the film is a good "visual Cliff's Notes" of the story.The performances by Anjelica Huston and Donal McCann are both quite strong. I've never seen Huston as vulnerable as she is in the final scene, and her performance gives the film the grace and emotional power it needs.Overall, this is not a bad film; it's just a good attempt at the impossible.