Sharpe's Gold

Sharpe's Gold

Sharpe is sent on a mission to exchange rifles for deserters with a strange band of Spanish guerillas. He also has to chaperone two women looking for their missing husband.

Sharpe is sent on a mission to exchange rifles for deserters with a strange band of Spanish guerillas. He also has to chaperone two women looking for their missing husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deb K (nl) wrote: This is a found footage movie as a family buys property previously belonging to John Bell, whose own family, according to Tennessee legend, was allegedly haunted by a witch in the early 1800s. They then become victims of similar hauntings and violence. Its like Blair witch and Paranormal Activity rolled into one. If you liked the previous two movies, you would like this movie too.

Dustin B (kr) wrote: Like most of Miyazaki's films, 'The Wind Rises' is visually stunning. The art in some scenes is absolutely breathtaking. However, viewers expecting an experience in line with some of Miyazaki's more fantastical offerings will be disappointed, and the straight-laced dramatic plot that they will get is a little lacking in originality. As with 'Howl's Moving Castle', I found this movie to be stronger on art than on plot, and while it may have made an excellent series of paintings it only comes out to a mediocre film.

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Kevin R (kr) wrote: A period movie that will stand the test of time. Katie Holmes is beyond hot in this movie. Nick Stahl gives a great acting performance. I saw this movie for the first time when I moved to a new school just likes James Marsden's character. I really related to being the "new Kid" and felt like his character in many ways. It definitely helped me get through that period in time so this movies will forever have a spot in my heart. Also, great music in this movie-Harvey Danger gets their one-hit wonder played!

Alex D (us) wrote: i had to watch this for a class, but its really good, and its got a really cool structure. dude hires prosties to talk on the phone in different languages. its hard to explain.

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Pete S (kr) wrote: My favourite ever performance, my favourite ever photography. The film that made me into a buff and a must-see for anyone who hasn't.