Shatru Sanghar

Shatru Sanghar


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Hunter F (fr) wrote: its good. I like ir alot

Ray B (ag) wrote: Shaky cam is really devastating the movie, even if the scenario keeps delivering good ideas in the end...

Fabio V (gb) wrote: Overall a very fun entertaining movie to watch with friends or family.

Sarah O (it) wrote: This movie traumatized me. I thought I was going to see Scott Wolf looking cute (ala. Party of Five) in a classic depiction and what I got was a B-movie version and an eye full of Scott Wolf's pimply butt!

Ember B (br) wrote: Great, classic monster mash. Tons of explosions and fun, cheesy alien plot.

Scott R (ca) wrote: McQueen is great, but the film feels slow in part because the emotional rationale to root for the escape is lacking.

Jimmy W (au) wrote: Chilling, vivid, striking, engrossing, gritty and awesome! One of the best horror movies ever...!

Jose Luis M (mx) wrote: Comedia sin la chispa de sus predecesoras.

Facebook U (de) wrote: The university movies are a dime a dozen. A bit formulaic. The monsters have to prove themselves to be scare worthy. It's a prequel so the monsters had not yet found that laughter was paying more. Whatever... it's watchable and the animations are really getting great. Textures and all.