Shatruvu is a romantic action movie with all the masala elements. Srikanth-Aksha's performances are the main attraction in the movie. Gana's music, Raghu Babu and Duvvasi Mohan's humour, beautifully choreographed dance and action scenes are its other highlights. The director's inability to execute several scenes on screen properly is the big drawback of the film. And double-meaning dialogues are also among its weaknesses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shatruvu torrent reviews

Rhett P (ca) wrote: well made and acted i feel conflicted about how i feel about itdidnt like where the story went but it was well made all the same.

Paulo B (ca) wrote: An original and very interesting movie, with a format used for horror movies lately (too much already). It's makes you remember Akira

Nicolas D (nl) wrote: Drle, rythm, cynique, visuellement os et russi : du tout bon part les interminables 10 dernires minutes.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: Strays away from the actual story just long enough to put you to sleep unless you are watching the on screen eye candy.

Brittanie J (br) wrote: I saw this movie before I saw "Office Space" - and I've got to say that this is far superior.

Daniel B (es) wrote: Simplemente Scorsese sabe como dirigir un documental, aun mas si es de cine!

RiP M (es) wrote: I couldn't wait 'til this was over.

Reece L (es) wrote: My Life as a Dog is undeniably maudlin, prone to sentimental bits of tinkling piano and cutesy characters that seem more like writerly flourishes than real people (a horny grandpa, a loud greek family, etc.), but it earns its sweetness, offsetting it with heartbreak and loss to the point that its flaws can be overlooked. That the film's director has gone on to create simplistic, manipulative drivel a la Nicholas Sparks (and has actually worked with him several times) isn't surprising at all; if this wasn't based on a solid novel, it's easy to imagine that this would've been just as awful. It's also easy to see why the Oscars chose to reward this crowdpleasing Swedish film in a such a large way over some of the technically ambitious works from other foreign countries as they love to give Director nods almost exclusively to foreign films that tug on the heartstrings.

Shayna E (ca) wrote: I remember this one. Stupidly funny..

David E (gb) wrote: Being one of the most controversial films of all time, I can see why this film is shocking. This is one hell of a film (by hell, I mean hell for the heroine): Jennifer gets raped (3 times!; poor girl) & is left traumatized. When she recuperates, she seeks vengeance (wouldn't anybody?). The deaths of the 4 guys that attacked her are quite brutal, the settings are ironically innocent, but the acting is quite mediocre. The rape is unbearable for those to watch & I felt very sorry for Jennifer (but at least she got her revenge). If you want to watch this film, go ahead. For those that don't want to, then don't. For those that are reluctant, take your time. As for me, I pretty much will never watch this film again.

Rob M (kr) wrote: This could be a very good horror movie if it had better directing. It had too abrupt of an ending and some weak acting. It is an indie movie and is well worth a look though.