Shattered Image

Shattered Image

Confusing realities surface in this paranoid film dealing with the fragile nature of a young woman (Anne Parillaud) recovering from rape and an apparent attempted suicide. In one reality, she is a killer destroyer of men. In another she is the new wife on a Jamaican honeymoon with her husband (William Baldwin), who is trying to help her recover. Which is real is the question as the story unfolds.

Confusing realities surface in this paranoid film dealing with the fragile nature of a young woman (Anne Parillaud) recovering from rape and an apparent attempted suicide. In one reality, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Shattered Image torrent reviews

Waleed A (fr) wrote: great horror flick. good directing with stimulating shots. creepy and suspenseful. a good discovery process. a very clever and simple idea for the premise of the movie (1 viewing)

Niki G (ca) wrote: <3 <3 <3 stra6en e filma.... mnogo mi haresa ama az sym si prestrastna ko da se prai :)

Andrew P (de) wrote: action man watch for that and policical cover up

Marshall O (nl) wrote: Worth watching a few times

Jesse F (br) wrote: Cuthbert and Belle's delicious performances make for this very good sleazy thriller.

Camille L (us) wrote: Home Alone 3 est infiniment suprieur aux deux premiers opus dans la mesure o celui-ci est bien plus sympathique et moins mchant que les films de Chris Columbus. Le personnage d'Alex D. Linz est enfin crit comme un vritable enfant et non pas comme un tortionnaire juvnile. Il en reste qu'Home Alone 3 est aussi un film absurdement long (surtout dans son dmarrage) pour le public qu'il vise, pas assez rythm et franchement pas souvent trs drle. Olek Krupa et Lenny van Dohlen sont de bons bad guys, mais les autres acteurs sont inexistants. Dommage, car le potentiel tait l.

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Timm S (au) wrote: Secretly I Love This One..But I'm Too Embarrassed To Admit It Now That It Has Become So Lame & Dated. It Still Holds A Lot Of Charm For Me..And That Can't Be A Bad Thing.

Mahogany B (au) wrote: I'm watching this stupid sh*t now at 9:55 am. Why? I have zero idea. I'm exhausted, have no coffee, and it looks like it's going to rain outside. End of explanation.

Evan H (fr) wrote: Low budget cult movie with a ton of goofs: you can see a few of the "dead" people breathing! Cheesy acting and low budget feel makes this movie a riot to see. It's actually over-the-top funny! I look past the goofs and see something that's entertaining.

EWC o (es) wrote: A corny romp that's a ton of fun to watch, coupled with neat special effects and a lot of laugh worthy moments.

Sydney C (ca) wrote: Best film out of the sewuel.

Kojo O (ca) wrote: Risqu yet innocent.

Tyson P (de) wrote: tupac as a cop. not a very memorable story but it has tupac so its good