Three friends, in their 60s, try to do everything that they couldn't do in their younger days - before death arrives.

Three friends, in their 60s, try to do everything that they couldn't do in their younger days - before death arrives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Galen A (ru) wrote: This was alright but then BAM! everyone becomes really unlikeable and it really drags on. The scene in the principal's office with Melissa McCarthy really rubbed me the wrong way.

Valerio R (ru) wrote: Questo non e' "un altro" film sulla camorra. E' la commovente e terribile storia di un giovane giornalista ucciso per mano di quest'ultima nel 1985, raccontataci dalla voce narrante dello stesso protagonista, quasi a voler sottolineare che il coraggio continua sempre a vivere nella memoria, perche' dimenticare non si puo' e soprattutto non si deve. Giancarlo Siani ha affrontato il silenzio indifferente, le assurde indagini della magistratura e le inconcepibili pratiche di spietati malavitosi. Con da una parte il cancro della camorra e dall'altra un giornalista "armato" solo della sua macchina da scrivere, Risi si concentra su questo ragazzo solare isolato in modo subdolo un po' da tutti, che non ha mai smesso di cercare la verita', e di morire proprio per questo a soli 26 anni dentro la sua un po'buffa macchina verde, li'sotto il cielo di Napoli, con in sottofondo una canzone di Vasco Rossi...

Toad T (ag) wrote: Pretty bad, few good moments.

Andrew H (es) wrote: I don't' know how I missed this film for so long, but it is awesome. This movie is definitely one of my new favorites. The acting is excellent and realistic, the story is deeper than the usual action/thriller, and the production values are superb. Russell Crowe is an amazing actor.

Benjamin L (de) wrote: Watched this for a Accounting module assignment - discuss about the lack of internal controls! Haha. Watched it and missed Singapore, even though it was in the 90s!

Salah A (nl) wrote: Probably the best take on the 'Cinderella' story we've had so far.

KaHo W (es) wrote: Yang captures the spirit of a time of decadence right on.

Brian N (jp) wrote: Seriously, why does this party take place on a school night? Its such a cheesy and dated movie, but 25 years later, I feel exactly the same about it as I did in 1990.

Jason S (br) wrote: Probably one of the poorest directed of the movies just felt like it was trying to be dark but other times lighthearted and instead of blending them failed at it...