She Doesn't Want to Sleep Alone

She Doesn't Want to Sleep Alone

Amanda is 33 years old. Her dull life is suddenly altered when she is forced to take care of her old alcoholic grandmother, Dolores, a retired actress who lives on her past glories. Up until now, Amanda has never had much of a relationship with her grandmother.

A drama about a young woman forced to take care of her alcoholic grandmother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph T (es) wrote: A lot to like in this film, but ultimately a little clumsy and quite unfocused. Great performances though!

Dwayne R (nl) wrote: Delightful and clever.

Joe A (it) wrote: I give Parasomnia cedit, it's a low budget film that tries to do something different and does have some impressive visuals and FX but, the film lacks the energy or atmosphere to make it work. The leads are rather bland and the cast of genre vets don't play characters that really evoke their talents. The script is uneven as is the pace. It's ironic to complain that a film centering around sleep disorder has got a sleepy pace but it's true. The film could have used a bit more energy and a tighter script to awaken the better horror flick that was sleeping within.

Lesley T (fr) wrote: One of the worst films ive ever seen. neither funny or interesting

Yvette C (us) wrote: Can't believe it took me so long to see it. Fantastic film!

jay n (it) wrote: Good western with a most unexpected leading lady. Predating Johnny Guitar by two years this film echoes that with its female lead being the ringleader of a tough mob but doesn't have that movies atmosphere or strong female counterpart. What it does have is Marlene holding center stage as only she could and a pair of capable costars in Mel Ferrer and the always terrific Arthur Kennedy..

charles b (nl) wrote: If Baumbach spent half as much time on the script as he did picking the music in the film he could have turned out a successful picture. Were there smart and funny parts? Of course. But did the story drag? Oh, yes and Greenberg is a relentlessly unlikable character. I'm a fan of 'Squid' and 'Margot' and I think THOSE films reflect this exciting filmmaker's talent. I will look forward to his next film.

Waleed A (es) wrote: fun adventure movie (about 4 viewings)

Samantha M (nl) wrote: Watch more for the action and not the plot line.

Augustine H (us) wrote: Sally Field is always excellent in portraying women of substance. Her performance is mesmerizing! The scene she holds the cardboard is already well-deserved for the Oscar.