She Made Them Do It

She Made Them Do It

The true story of convicted felon Sarah Pender who has been found guilty of masterminding a double murder.

Based on a true story: the Sarah Jo Pender who has been found guilty of masterminding a double murder. Convicted felon Sarah escapes from maximum security prison to become one of the most notorious women ever to top the list of America's Most Wanted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruth L (us) wrote: Really stylish film with a superb cast. Alex Brendemhl subtly portrays the menace and evil of his character, Florencia Bado is charmingly innocent as Flora. Although you know that Mengele escapes, the tension keeps you on tenderhooks until the end. A must see film.

thomas m (fr) wrote: So shit - 5mins was too much

Rory D (nl) wrote: If you haven't seen Sexy Beast, Louis Mellis and David Scinto (writers) precursor to this film, please run run run and rent it now! Ray Winstone (109+ films and counting) and Ian McShane (Deadwood's Swearengen) who made Sexy Beast the outstanding movie that it was, return here with the ever standout John Hurt (The Proposition, Heaven's Gate, Nineteen Eighty Four, Etc. ), the top notch Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton, The Bedroom, Etc.) and long time character actor Stephen Dillane (The Hours, Freak Dog ). I'm reminded of stage-play-movies like Dogville (without the pseudo play within a movie trappings) and Hurly Burly - or even Glengarry Glen Ross. You might also consider Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch (both penned by Guy Ritchie) but without the silliness, cockney accents (wonderfully realized by English actor Stephen Graham) or wild and adventurous plots. Mainly 44inch Chest works because of the superb dialogue and the extended scenes between immensely talented actors that demand them to well, act. You don??t see a lot of young actors doing these kinds of movies for a reason. These characters are not only believable but relatable down to their very swagger. We feel for Ray Winstone as the jealous husband who cannot pick himself up from the floor when his marriage falls apart. We feel it when John Hurt's Old Man Peanut character rips into him rather nastily, trying to rouse or snap him out of an all consuming depression. It??s a shame that films like this take ten years to make and even more disappointing that they are often overlooked or overshadowed by the likes of boy wizards and teenage vampires. True craft occurs here, in the muck and mire of believable human emotions that connect us and remind us that life is a many splendored thing replete with thorns, pot holes, and rainbows. The only draw back I can see with this style of filmmaking is losing the 'younger crowd' who need quick cuts, naked women with machine guns, and car chases to watch a movie. I really enjoyed watching this film and look forward to watching it again.

Kyle B (mx) wrote: This is a beautifully written and acted movie. Mike Nichols is excellent at relationship movies and all four of these main actors do really fine work. Clive Owen and Natalie Portman received Oscar nominations, rightfully, but Jude Law and Julia Roberts equally deserved love too. I really just loved the writing and when I checked into how long the movie had passed at one point, I was surprised that it was almost over because it was just so well paced and flow perfectly. Towards the middle things get a little complicated when the four all switch parters in a weird clutter but other than that I really loved this movie.

Dennis M (jp) wrote: An immersive movie about a man giving into the temptation of following people and learning about their lives,only when he meets someone that feeds his temptation into an addiction.Despite its poor source material and some bad performances,Following still stands as an enjoyable film beautifully directed by Christopher Nolan.

Alexander Z (ag) wrote: A simple comedy for children. Not much here for anyone else, but I will admit it has charm.

Scott D (es) wrote: a fun kids that will keep your kids glued to the TV screen. the film is pretty outdated and has a very cringe worthy plot. all the NBA player cameos were pretty unnecessary. But if your kid your will like this film. I give space jam a C+

Nikhil M (gb) wrote: Its not as easy to get a million dollar as it is shown in this movie. The logic behind making this movie is similar to other Disney movie, but unlike other movies, this one isn't a remarkable one.

Maryse L (es) wrote: La robe couleur de lune m'a beaucoup fait rv!!!

Dave J (gb) wrote: Friday, November 2, 2012 (1954) Knights Of The Round Table ADVENTURE Chamelot (Robert Taylor)seeking to serve Arthur (Mel Ferrer) and a bond was formed even though, Arthur's wife(Ava Gardner) falls for someone else creating a friction. A realistic portrayl and strictly by the book of Chamelot and King Arthur. Robert Taylor an actual war veteran whose served in WWII with at least a handful of sword fighting films under his belt, all I can say that it's something satisfying about seeing actual actors using actual swords, shields and a medieval ball & chain once in awhile as opposed to seeing something that is fake. To drag a weapon that is heavier than the average arm can carry has to be seen to be believed. 3 out of 4

Mike R (de) wrote: Fun to see Paltrow not take herself so seriously for a change.

Dann M (ag) wrote: Greedy is an entertaining screwball comedy that delivers a lot of laughs despite the stale material. The film follows the McTeagues, a dysfunctional family full of relatives that are competing to inherit their rich uncle's fortune. Starring Michael J. Fox, Kirk Douglas, Olivia d'Abo, and Phil Hartman, the cast has some solid talent. And though the plot's pretty formulaic and is full of stereotypes, the charisma of the cast makes it work. While there's not much originality to Greedy, it still manages to be quite funny and enjoyable.

Scott W (br) wrote: Trashy, exploitation horror with amateurish performances and some terrible special effects is strangely charming and with an unspecified style all of its own.