She's on Duty

She's on Duty

A boisterous detective goes undercover in a high school in order to befriend the teenage daughter of a notorious gangster.

The film deals with a boisterous undercover female cop who gets sent to a high school in order to get close to a criminal in hideout by befriending his teenage daughter. The general set up ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


She's on Duty torrent reviews

Ken D (us) wrote: Felt like a Lifetime movie of the week with a lot of swearing. Performances were alright, but Chris Gunn did not look like no 15 year old, more like 30. Had some decent moments and the acting was alright.

Jordan L (us) wrote: First off I just want to claim my love for newcomer Ti West's films. So The Innkeepers starts out pretty slow & has alot of joking around for the most part but the scary parts are pretty terrifying & totally make this movie an instant "jump out of your seat" classic. His work totally is on the same path as James Wan & Leigh Whannell. Loved it!

Ederson N (de) wrote: Uma das melhores com (C)dias que eu j vi.

Eliabeth N (fr) wrote: LOVELY...AMAZING CAST...

Juli N (ru) wrote: Cum for the unsimulated sex, stay for the story!

Ivo P (jp) wrote: It would be an ordinary romantic comedy, but it is a romantic comedy with Juliette Binoche and Jean Reno, which makes it slightly better than average :) He is cute with longer hair than usual and she has so nice smile (especially not long before the end)...

bill s (us) wrote: More popcorn action,less character development and script....bad trade.

Mickey M (br) wrote: "Paul Blake" (Scott Backula) was a star player on his high school football team with a million-dollar throwing arm. He had a promising college football future until he gave it all up to run the family farm after the death of his father. Now 34, he gets his chance to play college ball when he is asked to attend Texas State, which has a team that has been destroyed by numerous scandals over the last season that eliminated all but one student (Jason Bateman) from the team. Now the coaches (Robert Loggia and Hector Elizondo) and "Blake" have to bring the teammates together to turn the team's luck around, while trying to keep TSU's "Dean Elias" (Larry Miller), who tries everything he can to destroy the team since he doesn't even want the sport a part of his school. This movie has a pretty predictable plot. There is little to no surprise in the script. It doesn't stand out from any other similar movies, and neither does the comedy. None of the cast really stands out in this film, with exception of Backula, Loggia and Elizondo. If you have seen Miller in other movies, you will see he plays the same type of character in this one. Some of the characters are developed, but not by much. The subplots, for the most part, is barely touched upon. The romance subplot is probably the best developed of them all, but not by much. The games were filmed on-field, and none of the shots were spectacular. I think it may have been better if they opted for more angles than what they went for. Despite the film being pretty predictable, the cast is pretty good to watch. They just aren't given much for the most part. Because of the cast, you can probably handle watching this movie a minimum of twice.

DC F (mx) wrote: This has an interestingly enough story to stay tuned at first, but I wouldn't call it a "horror flick". It's more about a city boy who's unaccepted in a hick town where nobody but a country girl believes him. Things don't pick up until 13 minutes are left.

Carrie M (ag) wrote: This s a wonderful series, very enjoyable makes you eager to watch the next epasode to see what will happen next.