She's Out of Control

She's Out of Control

A Los Angeles radio-station manager's girlfriend shows his teenage daughter how to be sexy.

When an average-looking teenage girl gets a makeover, it's enough to turn make her father become overprotective of her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe M (it) wrote: Awful in that cheesy way but I actually watched all of it without fast forwarding. Frequent gratuitous soft-core porn with heavy splicing in of "The Killer Eye" (which looks to be even cheesier and campier!).

Ombra T (kr) wrote: I accidentally stumbled on this movie and I had the pleasure to find in it Simon Baker and Josh Brolin. That two guys were already great reasons to watch the film, but I've found others: a good job, with funny and rich characters.

Caleb C (jp) wrote: One of my favorite documentaries. Dakota Fanning does part of the narration here, and creates a hauntingly beautiful atmophere for this account on the bizzare artist, Henry Darger. Anyone who is interested in art whatsoever will love this or else find it slightly repulsive. I for one loved it.

Calib M (au) wrote: I feel like i cant review this movie honestly, and without prejudice since i'm a huge fan of the original 'Firefly' show, but man does this movie deliver on all levels.To enjoy this movie fully you would have to have seen the series first, It's sheds (more) light on things we did and didn't already know which makes this movie so much more fun to watch. The fun characters are back, Whedon's always great snappy dialogue is also top-notch yet again, the better big budget special effects really enhance the movie as well, which was something the show didnt have the money for. It answers many unanswered questions, and informs us on things you didnt really wanted to know, but are still cool to know, but then again, the movie makes us ask questions that leave unanswered, and it doesn't answer ALL question we had about the show, which is the only reason why i dont give it a full score.All in all 'Serenity' is immensely satisfying, and great on all levels, and it surely doesn't disappoints. When watching you'll just feel great to see this fun group of people back on screen for 1 last adventure.

Nathan L (fr) wrote: Boring and boring. Did I mention boring? How a supposed action flick with Sam Jackson and Robert frickin' Carlyle can be this awful surprises the hell out of me. Wins an award for Sucking the Big One.

Scott J (mx) wrote: boring the main voice actress is just awful the story is unnecessarily dumb and confusing the animation is still semi impressive but is starting to become less and less neat

David T (us) wrote: This movie was stopped by Italian censorship cause the subject (Italian military crimes in Lybia). Really "The lion of the Desert" is very funny as adventure movie, but manichee and historically not so accurate. Oliver Reed is totally different phisically from Rodolfo Graziani and Fascists were not so stupid to hold black shirts in the African desert...

Tom H (ca) wrote: 19.12.2006,04.04.2016

Farah R (gb) wrote: So Brick Mansions is a clich story, but it's fun nonetheless. It's fast, it's action packed, and it's got a little humor to lighten the mood. Paul Walker lives up to his name in the Action genre even after his tragic passing.

Brian S (nl) wrote: A true disturbing horror movie, but it's different from the action horror stuff that Carpenter normally does, this one is much slower, but intriguing and smart and interesting. Mid-way into the film, it does get quite boring but it later catch's up to disturbing and fucked up horror. I also found some satire on society in this one. Recommended !!