Shedin Dekha Hoyechilo

Shedin Dekha Hoyechilo


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Red N (de) wrote: this is the best animated movie I have ever watched. loved it

Ulla D (kr) wrote: Not as funny as I expected and it dragged.

Guan S (ru) wrote: An indescribable feeling of relief and joy, very beautiful movie.

Darrell T (jp) wrote: Hilarious...and very crude movie about 2 guys trying to score with 2 hotties...hence the title...Jamie Foxx is hilarious as the foul mouthed "hood rat" Bunz. And his In Living Color mate, Tommy Davidson is very funny as the gentleman trying hard to score with his girl. Vivica A. Fox & Tamala Jones are every bit as good as their male counterparts. If you want a clean cut comedy, this is definitely NOT the movie for you...but if you want to laugh out loud many times & don't mind it raunchy, this IS your movie...

Mark D (us) wrote: I happened upon this while looking through Netflix for something to watch with Benjamin. It was amazing to see such close up views of the insect world. Some of the camera angles had to be very hard to come by, but produced some incredible pictures. I recommend this to everyone. We both enjoyed it and learned a lot, too.

Nicholas A (mx) wrote: Ken Loach's unflinching look at the causes and effects of abusive relationships is a raw and intimidating watch. The main character is at times as crass and unlikeable as the men who have ruined her and this will be unappealing to most people but it also adds to the grim honesty of the film

Callum B (it) wrote: such a great but weird horror film, but its really good.

Dan D (br) wrote: Classic from my youth

Geoff C (gb) wrote: good story and surprisingly good acting by the best band to ever come from birmingham

Tim R (mx) wrote: One of the all time classic screwball comedies.

Richard D (jp) wrote: Here's a film that rates just a little bit lower every time I see it. In many ways it's a decent genre exercise. A clear work-for-hire for Lee, but he clearly takes the assignment seriously and adds a lot of interesting touches to what could be generic fodder, and attracts a fine cast in the process. What he can't really fix though is a screenplay that needed more work. It has a good set up and at least one decent twist, but it drags it's feet during the middle hour and introduces entire characters (Jodie Foster) that are nothing but pointless red herrings. In the end, I can't buy a critical plot point that without spoiling anything, involves my needing to believe that Christopher Plummer is at least 20 years older than he clearly is, and would still be the active chairman of a major bank even if he was.

Bon B (it) wrote: Can you hear the bells? Pretty cool film, Fonda is amazing.