Sheep Eaters

Sheep Eaters

Valtteri and Sepe, two ordinary white-collar guys from southern Finland drive up north to implement a plan they've been hatching for months. Because they simply love the taste of lamb, ...

Valtteri and Sepe, two ordinary white-collar guys from southern Finland drive up north to implement a plan they've been hatching for months. Because they simply love the taste of lamb, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben T (it) wrote: "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" is a fun comedy/prank movie that could have made me laugh more, quite honesty, but is overall a funny and sweet experience. The fact that real people were affected by the pranks really makes this special, and watching there reactions is priceless. I don't think this movie would have been as good if it wasn't a prank movie. I also like the fact that they incorporated a story to go along with the pranks. It may not be the most original or anything, but it was genuinely sweet (in a twisted, "Jackass" way) and the chemistry between the two lead characters really worked. Johnny Knoxville was great as the titular grandpa and the little kid in this movie really surprised me. For fans of prank comedies and of "Jackass," this is a must-see.

Clarence E (mx) wrote: Don't know how I missed this one for so long. Incredible footage and some really sobering moments. Would love to see a follow up on these folks.

Shahin K (kr) wrote: Shreyas Talpade was so good. I was laughing out loud. I liked Ayesha Takia in this one too. Great movie!

Tiffany Y (ca) wrote: Learn something about software before you say that the voting problems are caused by hacking. Most problems are caused by human error. The people in the movie appeared really ignorant about computers.

Dave C (mx) wrote: Quirky little piece by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, with some dazzling imagery.

Mike N (us) wrote: a great story about love,growing up,and being also has some funny parts.. im glad i checked it out.

Hannah D (it) wrote: A few laughs can't save this

Red L (mx) wrote: It is funny. A little dark (spying on your ex), but funny.

Alan P (us) wrote: I first learned of this film after stumbling across its soundtrack. Upon learning that it's a piece of science fiction, I decided to give the film a try.Bad news first: the film is long. It runs for a good two-and-a-half hours, but incredibly, it's only the short version; the rough cut was originally eight hours long, and the director's preferred version is 280 minutes. Even at 150 minutes, this film feels long and it drags at times.That doesn't mean it's a total bore. The film is pretty evenly split in half (for the theatrical cut anyway; the director's cut is supposedly arranged as a three-part trilogy). The first half is easily the most interesting and thrilling, as it follows this woman all across Europe and Asia and everywhere else, investigating some shady people and mysterious devices and roaming around some strange post-modern futuristic settings. It comes off much like a sci-fi film noir, somewhat akin to Brazil, but nowhere near as goofy. In the film's last half, with a great catastrophe befalling the Earth, the characters wind up holing themselves up somewhere in Australia, where they bum around for the remainder of the picture. I found this part far less interesting, but it offers a few interesting ideas (including one key aspect that echoes Inception a lot). Altogether, I'd say that it's an interesting film with lots of interesting ideas and plot points, but it achieves the type of pacing that straddles the threshold of being fascinating and unfascinating.If anything in the above paragraph indicates anything, it's that the story itself is pretty sound and full of neat ideas. It's populated by interesting characters. I really don't have many complaints about the story, other than it felt like it trailed off in the end.This film looks neat, with quality photography and editing. Acting is swell: I did get a kick out of watching William Hurt, Sam Niell, and Solveig Dommartin in their roles (and Max Von Sydow makes an appearance toward the end). Writing is alright. This production does its best to use then-modern sets, props, and costumes for a futuristic look, but with mixed results. Frankly, parts of the film look cheap and cheesy, in a manner no different than Paul Verhoeven's films. Still, it gets the job done. Music is pretty cool.It's an interesting film and I'm glad I saw it. It is a shame that this film was a commercial and critical failure on its release, because it's not that bad at all.3.5/5 (Entertainment: Pretty Good | Story: Pretty Good | Film: Pretty Good) 3.5/5 (Entertainment: Pretty Good | Story: Pretty Good | Film: Pretty Good)

Tom S (it) wrote: Storyline was typical, but the fight scenes were realistic and definitely a showcase for American Kenpo. Ed Parker did a superb job choreographing the fights and Jeff Speakman delivered perfect execution. Seeing identifiable moves/techniques was a plus.

Logan M (au) wrote: While I think it's unintentionally funny at times, this movie is a defining moment in both Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman's careers.

Daniel S (jp) wrote: AWESOME thriller. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. And Sophia Loren when young may be the most gorgeous woman ever born!!!

charles s (it) wrote: Alot of things piss me off about this film. For starters, at the end of the first candyman, (spoiler alert) Helen became the new candyman or candywoman or whatever, but this film ignores that completely. I'll give the film some credit, it tries to go a different direction with a plot that is kind of an origin story behind the candyman. ugh just talking about the film bores me. The main problem is that this film is boring as hell, the acting, (even though i've seen worse), is bad too, but there's not enough going on in this film to keep you invested, in the first film, you were pulled in from start to finish because the first film had a very interesting premise, not only that, but the soundtrack was perfect, when a scene needed to be frightening, the right music played to fit the scene, the first film was haunting and poetic. This film is just dull and you'll find yourself snoring your way through this movie.

Teniva N (mx) wrote: I thought the movie was pretty good at the beginning but they gave the viewer too much information. So that when the story twist came around, most of the audience had already figured it out. There is some funny dialog here and there but when a mid-evil woman starts undressing his modern clothes she doesn't stumble on anything, not even his shoe laces. The movie had a good idea but overall it wasn't executed very well. Also I'm a bit conflicted about the Dragon, I don't want to say it was good (it had bad anatomy), and I don't want to say it was bad(had a lot of good scale detail).[spoiler] Almost every female that comes onto screen dies at some point. [/spoiler]

Alex W (ru) wrote: Natasha Lyonne is great but this really didn't do a ton for me. Feels very 90's. If you come from a broken or loser family you might enjoy this more.

Tristan M (fr) wrote: Interesting movie, with a complicated plot and confusing characters. Sylvester Stallone dosen't play his usual character, although he would definatly play a badass cop, he instead plays one that lays low and stays out of business. We hardly get to know him it feels like, and his expressionless face and seemenly lack of emotions make him an interesting character. The other characters are good, who are almost all played by great well know actors like Robert-de Niro and Harvey Keitel. They preform well, and add more deapth and respect to the film. The plot is a bit complicated, and we wonder alot about why the corrupt cops are doing what they are doing mostly because it dosen't make sense. Although most of the characters are cops, we don't see almost anything for police action, and instead we hardly know they are police at all. Most of the time they are sitting around talking and not doing anything in particular and not much seems to be discussed. The first half of the movie consists mostly of this, and it's not until the second half that we really get insight to what's happening, and yet we still don't know for sure. The end where Stallone and Ray Liotta have a shootout against the corrupt cops at their house was really good, ans the fact that the sound was almost covered by the ringing in Stallone's ears really added to the feel. As a whole the movie was good, not great since the first half had its many flaws, and the second half still didnt add much excitement. So the film lacks thrill mostly, the characters have problems and so does the plot. Nice to see a change in Stallone's role, but he's better as his usual badass self.