A young woman awakens in a fallout shelter and is coerced into horrific acts in order to stay alive.

A young woman awakens in a fallout shelter and is coerced into horrific acts in order to stay alive

Shellter is a excited movies torrent of Dan Donley. This movie was introduced in 2009. There are many actors in this movies torrent, such as Cari Sanders, William David Tulin, Maria Olsen, Kurshila Martini, Adam Fleck, Alex Petrovitch, Sophie King, Michelle Blum, Christine Little, Elizabeth J. Carlisle, Vinnie Bilancio, Leah Grimsson, Erin Rae, Beth Hettig, Kelsie Stevens. There are many categories, such as Horror. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.1 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Amanda R (jp)

I can't believe how many people gave this a good rating. I left the cinema early and kept falling asleep while trying to watch it. I think that Frank Capra must've been sleeping while directing this movie

Arif S (gb)

. . Reccomended to all those interested in a little fun and those interested in knowing a little subculture that I guess exists out there. These stories are interesting, unconventional, and quite a sight to behold. But the sacrifices that these people have made to become the experts that they are at Scrabble is most unsettling. I found myself thinking quite a bit about obsession, and how obsession can lead one to expertise when it collides with passion. Though a bit disturbing, it's truly fascinating to see just how this simple game has affected a substantial number of people. What an interesting film

Chris H (jp)

All in all, if you have nothing better to do, Vertical Limit will be satisfactory, but if you're anticipating a blockbuster on movie night, you will be thoroughly disappointed. The special effects, while once again not the worst, were seriously deficient for the year 2000. It was clear throughout the movie what was happening and why, but frequently only after a moment of contemplation. Transitions and key points were awkward and often illogical and confusing. It relied entirely on moments of sudden suspense and action, specifically explosions and the afore mentioned "cliff-hangers" (pun intended). The plot was very shallow and obviously not well planned. The movie held my attention throughout, but after the 5th time someone fell off a cliff or blew themselves up I began to get weary. Vertical Limit was definitely not good, but I have seen much worse and it was nonetheless mildly entertaining

Collin P (fr)

Even with a great performance from its cast and being an entertaining movie, Conspiracy Theory has too many plot holes and cliches to be considered "good"

Dave C (us)

I do not understand baseball

David S (ca)

The passionate love between both main characters is strong and makes the movie that more likable. Great story filled with highly dramatic content

Nicola W (us)

njoyable but should have been better. This film had the potential to be hilarious but it just didn't work. Not laugh out loud funny, more like the odd groan funny. Stupid comedy and definitely not one of Jack Bkacks best films

Robin P (us)

recommend this movie!. Back home waits his true love played by Anne Hathaway- most of her parts in the movie were her reading the letters she sent to John on the island. A very interesting peek into the brave mission of this young man. John, played extremely well by Christopher Gorham, comes up against many trials and gives his all in service to God and the people on the little island. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this based on a true story movie about a young Mormon who goes on a 2 1/2 year mission to Tonga

Steve M (ru)

fairy tale for a part of the country that has seen more than its fair share of hard knocks and I quite enjoyed it!. Is it Canadiana? Definitely. " Is it realistic? No. A bit like an extended episode of an east coast version of "Corner Gas. A cute film, especially if you have ever hung out for a few days in a tiny harbour while in Newfoundland

Taylor B (mx)

For the genre it's adequate, but how does one watch Cameron Diaz act and not feel insulted?