With a catastrophic event rapidly approaching, 18 people vie for 10 spots in the small town's only bomb shelter.

With a catastrophic event rapidly approaching, 18 people vie for 10 spots in the small town's only bomb shelter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew D (ru) wrote: Simon Pegg is easily one of my favorite actors working in the film industry today. He brings strong charisma to each of his characters, making them an entertaining watch. That being said, A Fantastic Fear of Everything could be one of his weakest films. Pegg plays as an author who longs to leave the children's book field and write more serious of works. After studying Victorian-era killers for three weeks, he has gained a serious case of agoraphobia and many other fears, making it hard for him to leave his house or even walk around without a knife in his hands for defense. However, when his script about serial killers has been called upon for a possible film deal, he must learn to deal with his fears to get to the meeting. Simon Pegg is easily the strongest and best part about this film. As mentioned above, he brings charisma to each of his characters. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen whenever Pegg was acting goofy and crazy, as his character is supposed to be. Even when he needed a serious moment, Pegg was able to pull it off with grace. The main problem I have with this film was the screenwriting. For the most part, the film is as predictable as it gets. When Pegg introduces a killer who cuts all but two fingers off of his victims, it's clear who the person is within thirty minutes of the film. Other than the easy to solve mystery, the development of Pegg's character is easy to guess because his story has been told many times before. Possibly the worst part about the film, however, is the random entry of the attractive woman. Even the film doesn't know her name until the very end. She's just shoehorned into the film to progress Pegg's character to his climactic peak. When said event happens, I questioned why she was even placed in the film in the first place. Maybe if we had more time to get to know her, perhaps she would have been a more welcome presence. Unfortunately, her brief introduction and lack of necessity make her one of the most forgettable characters in film history. The film does have its moments. There are some laughs to be had and it does have its surprises, but these moments are too far in between. What we are left with is a story that is completely forgettable with many bland characters. Simon Pegg does a good job with elevating the film to a higher point than it could have been, but even he can't save this film from mediocrity.

Shawn S (gb) wrote: Boring and not at all funny.

Helio A (jp) wrote: La pelicula trata sobre la adopcion entre parejas del mismo sexo. Este tema es un poco dificil, particularmente para los tiempos que vivimos. Sin embargo, yo considero que este tema y estas situaciones, hay que explorarlas y aceptar que la sociedad cambian y que las familias, ya no son mama, papa, nene y nena. Las actuaciones me parecieron geniales y la Otra familia pudo integrarse aunque me parecio un tanto exagerado toda la situacion. Si se persigue el bienestar del menor, lo mejor es buscar una armonia entre ese bienestar y la ley. En general, la pelicula me parecio muy buena aunque, exagerada porque muchas de las situaciones pudieron evitarse. Pero si se evitan, no hay pelicula. jeje

James J (ru) wrote: Unfortunate Asian stereotypes and plot holes galore!

Mike N (fr) wrote: beautifully filmed and good performances..the editing was kinda annoying to me,so my interest faded in and out of the story, but it was still touching.

Zane T (de) wrote: Gather around all you young'ins and I will tell you of a time when the TV movie of the week was family oriented with actors from all the hit TV shows at the time appearing in ensemble movies, such as Crash Course and Dance 'til Dawn. They were movies so awful they only starred TV actors who couldn't find work in Hollywood movies while their shows were on hiatus. This movie is notable for staring a young and very sexy Jennifer Aniston with her original nose. There's also Jaleel White, before he went all Steve Urkel. His Camp Cucamonga rap while other casts such as Aniston dance badly has to be seen to be believe. The cast is a who's who of the D-list of TV shows, such as John Ratzenberger, Sherman Hemsley, and G. Gordon Liddy for some reason. There's Chad Allen from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman back before he came out of the closet and Candace Cameron before she started making all those Lifetime movies and Danica McKellar from The Wonder Years along with that Paul guy and the leather jacket guy from Head of the Class before he started directing movies and the woman from Mama's Family and the Beaver's son from Still the Beaver and Breckin Meyer proving that he can screw up a made for TV movie. All I remember from this show is it's a lot like Melrose Place meets Meatballs. Everyone seems to be dating everyone else. But those were the days. No, thank God, something like this wouldn't even be greenlighted for TV.

Nadia B (br) wrote: This is supposed to be all artsy and whatever. I didn't get it. Slept through most of it.

Jonathan M (de) wrote: Awesome movie. Even today.

Rogerinho S (gb) wrote: The flashbacks were the highlight here, with a an awesome Roxy Music scene and a heartfelt tragedy. The current day predicament of Daniel Craig could have been cut to 2 minutes as a pithier contrast would have sufficed. I thought Felicity Jones was great while Claire Forlani was an awkward choice for the adult version.