Shepard & Dark

Shepard & Dark

Shepard & Dark is the remarkable story of a friendship in letters.

Shepard & Dark is the remarkable story of a friendship in letters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tanya R (ag) wrote: This movie was awesome!!! It was a surprisingly good sequel to the original. It had a really good storyline. It was definitely worth seeing in 3-D!!! The special effects were really cool!!! The movie also had some fun songs that kids will enjoy.

ricardo c (kr) wrote: to me was very empathic this movie__to feel what the families feel in this situations to understand them__it's a heavy issue that can make people really care about how important are the feelings

Scott M (mx) wrote: Terrible 'comedy'. I did not laugh at all.

Ankit S (it) wrote: awasome movie, must watch

Private U (au) wrote: If you want to truly understand why the US is still involved in the Middle East, this documentary will provide the necessary historical background. Expert commentary from noted historians, along with period footage from WWI, provide a fascinating look at how the geopolitical situation in which we find ourselves today was formulated in the first place.

Juli N (jp) wrote: If it had been 100% Sweded the film could have easily earned 5 stars!

Pete S (gb) wrote: Love them all but Quidam is up there with Dralion.

Alexandre B (ca) wrote: Une twist intressante, Cendrillon qui ne se laisse pas marcher sur les pieds!

Rachael D (gb) wrote: absolutely love this movie!

Mike P (es) wrote: Nicholas ROeg is a great director with THREE balls. This is an amazing film. Watch, and learn (from Marilyn, as it seems) LOL

Mereie d (it) wrote: Normally (problematic) relationship dramas are not my cup of tea, but with certain people present in the cast, one has to make sacrifices. And the sacrifice was well worth it. It must be said that Roger Vadim was extremely lucky to meet up with someone as charming as Brigitte Bardot, who also happens to be a very good actress. In most cases, actors could be replaced by others without any significant differences for the movie, but Bardot is one of the exceptions. She is so adorable she has the talent to make rather than break any movie. Given the addition of the qualities of the other actors, ??Le repos du guerrier?? must be called a success. I might have preferred some more explicit resistance from some of the minor characters (do they dislike Genevive??s (Bardot) relationship with Renaud (Hossein) because of his social background or because of his ??bad news?? personality?), but apparently Vadim preferred a focussing on the relationship as such. The movie gives a very good insight into the concept of blind, passionate love and the sacrifices one is willing to make to acquire a desired party. It also manages to well represent a certain time period (early sixties) and its fashions and attitudes. The conclusion is romantic, but also perhaps too conventional and nave: personally I still don??t trust Renaud. In my opinion, he is not just someone who is going through a difficult period in his life, unwilling to accept certain values temporarily. I am very much afraid he must be seen as a serious mental case who will make Genevive very unhappy, because anything like real change will turn out an impossibility. But perhaps I am now being as cynical as Renaud himself.

Lenard W (kr) wrote: Overly melodramatic, Effie Gray is the true story of Scottish child bride and upper class art critic John Ruskin. She is tormented by both husband and his family. Trapped in what is turning into a loveless relation, she turns to another upper class wit and an artist commissioned to paint her husband's portrait. I never understood why Ruskin married her and why her husband allowed her to keep company with other single men.

Bradley N (es) wrote: He lifts stuff.... Great but in all seriousness there are some strong moments here.

Pat C (au) wrote: For those of us of a certain age it's a sad but feel good movie.