Shergar, Ireland's most decorated thoroughbread and perhaps the greatest race horse of all time, is kidnapped by IRA terrorists and held for a $2 million ransom. Can a young stable boy save Shergar's life... and his own before it's too late?

Shergar is based on the true story of a champion race horse, abducted by IRA terrorists, then rescued by an orphaned boy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ric B (fr) wrote: Un film sur la tentative de r (C)habilitation d'un enfant troubl (C) et turbulent. C'est un film assez choquant (on dirait qu'on aime a au Qu (C)bec faire des films du genre et pousser les limites du tol (C)rable au nom de la d (C)nonciation de "r (C)alit (C)s du systme") Ce film pr (C)sente aussi la dynamique int (C)rieure d'un centre pour jeunes d (C)linquants.Je ne peux pas dire que j'ai aim (C) le regarder, je ne suis pas du genre lcher au milieu d'un film c'est pour cette raison que je l'ai visionn (C) jusqu'au bout...c'est plutt d (C)primant et (C)coeurant par bouts.

Gav R (de) wrote: I can't fathom the pace or bizarre storyline. Acting and filming is good but I'm a purest, Viking set yes at turn of first millennium but crusade to holy land was 1095??? in the beginning it's good, middle it's just a bore and then gets better only when they get attacked

Stuart H (de) wrote: A great old movie which will make anybody sad at the end!! True story that shows animals loyalty!!

Will F (de) wrote: Giving it a half star because "no stars" is apparently not allowed.

William B (au) wrote: This is my favorite Adam Sandler movie. Why? Because it's the one that uses the least amount of Adam Sandler cliches. It doesn't have an underdeveloped bull or a competition Sandler has to be better at for his grandma. It's just a tragic love story that works very well. Even thought it has a lot of problems, especially in the first third but then on it's surprisingly well done. The actors are all very good, the writing is actally heartbreaking at times and Rob Schneider isn't ear bleddingly annoying. It's a fun coedy when there'es nothing eles to watch or if your just in the mood.

RA L (jp) wrote: WIDESCREEN. Una pelcula muy hermosa y observadora. Es admirable su retrato de la ambicin y el acto de "ir", an en medio de circunstancias que hacen difcil "llegar". / A very beautiful and observant picture. It's remarkable in portraying the ambition and act of "going", even in the middle of circumstances that make it very hard to "get there".

James O (fr) wrote: Interesting but daft concept. Hard to feel much warmth for any character except Cruz but quite a well made, fairly coherent and entertaining film with a very decent cast.

Apollo B (mx) wrote: What a tedious and pointless film.

bernard a (fr) wrote: Once upon a time, people went to the theater and didn't care too much when they arrived. An usher would guide them to empty seats with a flashlight...and they would just wait until the film started over again to catch the part they missed. Of course, they usually had newsreels, coming attractions and shorts to watch, along with a 2nd feature...but as soon as they recognized a scene they have already watched - they would just get up and leave. It's where the phrase: "This is where we came in..." came from. I mention that because TWO GIRLS AND A SAILOR has such a lightweight plot that you can view it at any point and not really miss too much. The film is more a showcase for some of the popular musical stars of the time that the plot seems more like window dressing. This is definitely a film to steer one's mind away from WWII, if only for a moment. It stars June Allyson, Gloria DeHaven and Van Johnson as the title characters. The young Van Johnson was a very popular heartthrob at the time (2nd only to Frank Sinatra) and would have been a big draw to the female crowd. June Allyson and Gloria DeHaven never looked more beautiful than they do in this...and would have been the draw to the male crowd. There are also a bevy of beauties in this that would have been very popular with the soldiers and sailor watching this: Lena Horne sings "Paper Doll". Virginia O'Brien (yum) sings "Take It Easy". Gloria DeHaven sings "My Mother Told Me" and June Allyson sings "The Young Man With A Horn" - referring to bandleader Harry James...which segues into a nifty jitterbug dance with a sad-faced soldier. A very young-looking Ava Gardner is easily recognizable as an extra (uncredited). Adding a latin flavor is bandleader Xavier Cugat and singer Lina Romay (who looks kinda like Salma Hayek, if ya ask me). Jimmy Durante plays a former vaudevillian and adds comic relief (here he performs his signature number "Inka Dinka Doo" does Gracie Allen doing a comedic "piece" on the piano. Scanning the credits in IMDb - I was surprised to see that Buster Keaton had a part in this too - but his scenes were cut...hmmmm. The film has the style and glitz of the MGM imprimatur but isn't as well remembered... serving more as a time capsule for the music and comedic style of the war years. 7

Mad Z (nl) wrote: The ratings do not lie. This was a bad movie! But lets back up a bit. This movie had a great set up! It was creepy, great unsettling ambiance, the actors were great, the writing was wonderful, and of course "the boy" was the creepiest thing in the movie. The premise of the movie was like something you would find out of a creepypasta, or at least one of the good ones. Everything was perfect, until the end. The final act is what KILLED the movie. The ending is right up there with M. Night Shyamalan, it was that bad. The twist was so generic, so typical, and so overly done that when it was revealed, I was literally angry at the film for the last thirty minutes. The movie lost it's creep factor from a twist that literally took seconds to reveal. And it was within those mere seconds that made me go from on the edge of my seat in fear, to wanting a refund to a movie I saw for free.