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Sheriff Ronald E. Hewett pursues cold-blooded killers, escaped bank robbers, illegal video poker and stolen ceramic bunnies.

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Hewett pursues cold-blooded killers, escaped bank robbers, illegal video poker and stolen ceramic bunnies. Sheriff Ronald E

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Users reviews

AD V (mx)

Still a worthwhile effort and certainly more enjoyable (and believable) than it's pseudo-documentary counterparts like The Blair Witch Project and Diary of the Dead just without all the headache-inducing camerawork and gimmicky feel. Where it fails is that it takes too long to get to the "punchline" and when you do it's not really surprising and winds up leaving you cold. In other words if zombies were real I could see me watching this "documentary" on A&E. A satirical zombie film that for the most part succeeds mainly due to the fact that it feels real

Carlo C (ag)

la si ya viste todo lo dems que te recomiendo con ms estrellas. La supuesta "qumica" entre los dos protagonistas no me parece que sea de echar chispas ni mucho menos. Jaladsima de los pelos, esta cinta de comedia/accin te mantiene interesado, los efectos especiales y el argumento me parecen lo mejor

Eric H (nl)

Oh so pretty. Brilliant. Revolutionary. He doesn't make it easy for us to empathize with him, yet we still do, and in doing, we feel we have earned something. A virtuoso display from Jean-Paul Belmondo as Michel Poiccard makes the viewer swoon and scorn in equal measures. But the leading man outshines all the others. Jean Seaberg is excellent, with the nicest accent you'll ever hear, as are the supporting cast, all rounded stereotypes. Use of hand-held cameras and jump-cuts (where the director cuts from one angle to a shot of the same angle two seconds later, a stylistic effect that can show freneticism or boredom) were revolutionary at the time, yet can still surprise and delight today. The plot, though intriguing, is secondary to the incredible presentation. This Movie, a triumph of the French Nouvelle Vague, marks a turning point, not only for the Director, Jean-Luc Godard, but for anyone who sees it

Jaime L (gb)

good job I guess? Entertaining me perhaps 1 minute out of the 90 minute runtime? Congrats are in order obviously. . . So. Only reason this doesn't get bottomed out completely is because of a couple of places it managed to get a slight smile out of me. I don't think even kids can get any enjoyment out of this, never mind an adult. The animation is worse than a straight to DVD release and the "humor"? Barely rises above fart jokes. Terrible by any standard from the idiotic plot, cringy dialogue, bland characters and the worst sin which is it being boring as well. Watched this to see how bad it really was and I have to say it really is one of the worst things to come out this year if not the champion of suck

Paulina B (kr)

una d mis peliculas mexicanas preferidas

Peter G (kr)

Kung fu shite, which I made a point of watching every week in 1994

Xander K (ag)

Nothing great here, but still is able to tap into the emotion that the genre and formula allow