Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four

Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four

An animated Sherlock Holmes film starring Peter O'Toole.

An animated Sherlock Holmes film starring Peter O'Toole. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four torrent reviews

spencer t (ca) wrote: The humor reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre, and that is a good thing!

Des S (mx) wrote: A new era for lovers of Magnum

Michael O (kr) wrote: The most passionately romantic of the extreme French cinema movement and the most bizarrely erotic. You know you're in for some real trouble when Isabelle Huppert stars and man is Louis Garrel one brave fucking actor. There is something in the street lit, orange glow, pastel afternoon feel of the movie that keeps the intense absurdity of screwing in a public square and having a menage a trois in the back of a taxi beautiful and real. Honor has an incredible talent for making absolute weirdness and trashy emotion feel familiar and relatable but only if you can get past the shocking intensity of the picture. I highly recommend giving this one a watch. If only to test your limits.

Carlos I (us) wrote: Filled with all the crime picture cliches you could shake a stick at, yet it's still completely compelling. A lot of that is due to a smart cast and the gritty way New York is portrayed feels authentic. Good stuff.

George B (ag) wrote: I could barely keep up with the lame story and I still don't understand what I just watched..So the scarecrows turned people into zombies or something? I don't get it.

Charles P (kr) wrote: Sans Soleil accomplishes the purpose of film in general: to dare the viewer to observe and contemplate its sights and sounds from varied angles and perspectives.

Darrin C (kr) wrote: Psychological thriller that snuck up on me. I've heard about it my whole like and just recently saw it. Great for its disturbing senses that created a new sub-genre called "Psycho Biddy", lol.

Devin R (kr) wrote: Quite possibly the best documentary ever made and certainly my favorite

Toad T (it) wrote: Was entertaining if you ask me, need to re-watch though.

Kelly P (ru) wrote: Quirky & weird. It's odd to think that the same man directed this and then went on to do Jurassic World. The two movies could not be more opposite. Wacky, but everyone once in a while you need something like that for balance.