Sherman's Way

Sherman's Way

An eccentric Olympic has-been who prefers leisure to work, finds himself stuck with a rigid pre-law Yale student with no time for wasting time. Between skinny-dipping and stealing cars, this odd-couple learn from each other that balance is the key to getting the girl, getting the job and getting a life.

An odd couple take to the open road. Having followed his girlfriend out to California's Wine Country for the summer, Yale law student Sherman finds himself dumped, and cut off from his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim L (us) wrote: You could name this Stand By Me 2 - it is a great story and excellent acting!

Autumn D (ag) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen. Definitely in my top 15 favorite movies.

Berni E (gb) wrote: Fabulous film based on real historical events.

Teresa M (br) wrote: I liked this movie. The sarcasm alone made it for me! But it has some good turns along the way.

Kristina K (de) wrote: The movie is very realistic, there's not much of a Hollywood fairy tale bullshit. I thought Salma was very cute. I am very annoyed by the couples that have hard time being together and call it love that is why I didn't like this movie. It's a very boring movie, I wanted it to end after 20 minutes, it was definitely too long.

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Carlos M (gb) wrote: I may have had some fun watching it (I did laugh a few times), but not even a day later I realized I was incapable of remembering most of what I had seen (including the ending), which is a clear indication of how forgettable, lackluster and harmless this little comedy is.

Alastair H (ag) wrote: The costume design and cinematography in this movie are awesome making it a must see. It is historically inaccurate but visually stunning! The cast all put in some great performances especially Ziyi Zhang and Gong Li as Hatsumomo (5.6.10) (22.4.14)

Paul D (jp) wrote: This is decent if you're up to date with the previous five films as it provides a lot of answers to what's gone before. If you're watching this film without any knowledge of the franchise it will confuse the hell out of you.