Sheva dakot be gan eden

Sheva dakot be gan eden

One morning Galia and her boyfriend board a local Jerusalem bus. It is packed with passengers, among them a suicide bomber. The bus explodes, leaving Galia with severe burns and memory loss...

One morning Galia and her boyfriend board a local Jerusalem bus. It is packed with passengers, among them a suicide bomber. The bus explodes, leaving Galia with severe burns and memory loss... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Crystal C (fr) wrote: nothing more to say but, IT'S CLINT EASTWOOD!!!

Marc G (ca) wrote: Yeah, so this film is ca-ray-zy! We're talking Brad Dourif in The Exorcist 3 crazy. That's a high level of crazy right there. This is a real throwback to the Exploitation and Martial Arts films of the '70s. There's even a Flying Guillotine sighting.. Now, this isn't a gore fest. So if that's what you're expecting, you'll be disappointed. Like I am every time I see a movie with Kate Beckinsale where she doesn't get naked. There's quite a bit of blood, but that doesn't come until the final reel. So, in closing. This film is a definite recommendation, especially if you miss the good 'ole Grind-house days. Plus, how many other films do you get to see a preacher's "O" face.

Keenan S (ru) wrote: I was recommended Balls Of Fury by a few people who talked about how funny it was...and I hated it. I tried so hard to like this film, but it was a completely erratic and barely funny disaster of a comedy. This is one of those comedies that attempts to blend as many comedy styles as it can, but it succeeds at none of them and becomes an absolute clusterfuck of a comedy. Also, if the band Def Leppard is constantly referenced throughout the film, would it kill the film-makers to play more of their songs? All they played were small pieces of their songs before cruelly taking them away. What's most awful about this film is that it actually starts off okay, but then completely falls apart. It has some moments that are pretty funny, but unfortunately, most of the jokes fall totally flat. And no, I'm not someone who hates stupid comedies. I loved films like Dumb And Dumber and There's Something About Mary - both of which had me laughing hysterically. Overall, Balls Of Fury is an inconsistent, tonally jarring, mostly laugh-free comedy. It's a shame, because this film had real potential to be a great stupid comedy.

Shawn W (br) wrote: This sequel is not the bigger and better deal. When exactly did Scotty, Rags, and Ashby become actors? Filmed as a movie within a movie where it was tough at times to tell when the characters were being actors. I liked the original Scotty better.

Bearded M (br) wrote: When I was a kid I used to think Charles Bronson was a really scary man, especially when I would see a few seconds of any Death Wish movie, but watching it now, all I can say is that Bronson is totally awesome. This actually has a decent story, about a man the is wronged by punks when they kill his wife and rape his daughter, and decides that he can no longer just sit by while innocent people are hurt for fun and greed. The action is believable, the police work actually would make sense and Charles Bronson was flat out terrific as the lead. So all in all this is a good tale of justice and revenge, and it has Jeff Goldblum trying to look like a bad ass, which makes it worth seeing all on its own.4 Beards Out Of 5

Bridget C (au) wrote: What the hell was this movie about!? However, Jack Rowles as "patient" was astonishing... Both stars are for Jack.

Petros T (ag) wrote: It is watchable and has its moments but it's bereft of big laughs and feels like a lot of its potential was wasted. It's also alarmingly worrying how you get crap, piss, farts and puke in, like, the first 20 minutes (sorry for the spoilers), and then all of a sudden you get lessons on life and friendship. What's even more alarmingly worrying is that half the time it actually works.

Quinnjamin F (es) wrote: I can't understand what the movie reviewers of 1989 hated about this film. It's wonderful! Interesting concept, very amusing storyline, and some of the most hilarious takeoffs on movies. Leslie Nielsen would be proud.

MEC r (jp) wrote: I didn't like this film.