Shi er jin pai

Shi er jin pai


As a valiant Chinese general and his men battle Tartar invaders, patriot swordsmen attempt to stop the delivery of 12 medallions sent by a traitor that could spell the doom of the Sung Dynasty. When a powerful kung fu master assumes responsibility for the deliveries, his daughter and a former student turn against him in order to save China. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom Z (au) wrote: Way better than expected, good action and deeper than most martial arts movies!

Oscar D (au) wrote: Australian drama that poses serious questions about the whole 'vigilante' concept in an intelligent and apt way

Saku N (kr) wrote: I enjoyed it a lot. Wanda De Jesus looked like a sexy ass Latina version of Pam Grier...the teenage boy was a scary ass....but I was glad that it wasn't like "oh I wanna be a gangsta like my father" and he was pretty much clean cut and trying to do something with his life. Pretty damn good.

Lisa J (br) wrote: So dull, I didn't even finish watching it.

scott g (de) wrote: early clive owen role as a cocky londoner who loves his sister and vice versa, and years later, there eventual affair, and the feelings nd emotions coming out, solid performances all round, owen showing potential, and alan rickman as the rich husband very good here

STCENTERPRISE (es) wrote: It was not too funny. It had two great actors and A story which could have been funny but it wasn't very funny. It had potential to be written better but it wasn't.

Noel E (kr) wrote: Vintage horror with a sci-fi twist. Nice 80's rock soundtrack.

Tom B (gb) wrote: I'm so disappointed. Wasn't this suppose to be the cult conclusion to a blockbuster trilogy back in the eighties? I waited thirty years and have no regrets. Even for 1985, this is cheesy. I thought I was watching Peter Pan for thirty minutes. ROAD WARRIOR is so much better and the original MAD MAX is excused for having a pre-1980 release date without any prior expectations. It may not be completely THUNDERDOME's fault that it appears to be such a horrible film (if watched for the first time in 2016). About 10,000 movies have copied themes from this, so I guess that sort of destroys any original experience one hopes to achieve by watching it. Tina Turner didn't help the situation either...

Bruce B (es) wrote: This was supposed to be a big hit at the Sundance Festival, not sure why. It was very hard to keep up with as it seemed that scene would change for no reason. Best part of the movie was the end, Special effects were good in last swordfight when guy came out of the ground. But its Asia so it will enter my collection. Its worth the watch, just not as good as the Series Seven Swordsman, I am spoiled I guess

Danny M (fr) wrote: I want to say this this movie blow me out of the water. had everything. these critics have there head somewhere else if they rate it so poorly. I hope there is a sequel since it left me thinking a lot haha. thank you so much for this amazing film!

Dustin D (us) wrote: Haven't watched this movie since I was a kid. I forgot how really good it was. I put it on just for background noise while I was doing other stuff and couldn't stop watching it.