Shi jia zhong di

Shi jia zhong di

The rays of the moon bring a coven of female zombies back to life. A special police squad is assigned to stop them.

The rays of the moon bring a coven of female zombies back to life. A special police squad is assigned to stop them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sumanjit R (jp) wrote: It's an exciting experience when a Bollywood movie entertains you without a single song and dance sequence. Kahaani falls into that category. A well made thriller with a believable screenplay and without any HiFi Hollywoodish Gadgets and exaggerated action sequence.

Buggy B (au) wrote: Well I made it through this bizarre western/sci-fi mash up. That's about all I can say about this. The aliens are reminiscent of (copied from) War Of The Worlds on a smaller, cheaper scale as is the whole tone of this weird movie. Annoying female gunslinger/bounty hunter on the plus side James Marsters has great hair. 05.13"The hanging of train robber Sam Phoenix (James Marsters) is abruptly halted by an invasion of aliens, forcing Sam and a ragtag group of survivors to find sanctuary in a church."

Timothy K (jp) wrote: Fascinating look at the link between art and science embodied in orgiami

George D (ca) wrote: O Julgamento de Paris

Andrew K (ag) wrote: Finesse from the director in addition to a wacky yet intricate take on the American original yields a unique film that while steeped in some negative Korean cinema tropes still manages to be enjoyable.

Philippe L (mx) wrote: Une belle histoire, des acteurs touchants, et une justesse de realisation alliee a une BO a la fois douce, legere, et inspiree, livrent un film inattendu et fort agreable.Avec une petite mention particuliere a l'atmosphere sonore, utilise avec pas mal de talent.(titre francais : Un ete italien)

Ryan S (ag) wrote: Boring and stupid is no way to make a movie, son.

Nate T (ru) wrote: Not exactly perfect but close enough to get the full rating... On Blu-ray.

Brandon S (es) wrote: A perfect anti-violence film. Gus Van Sant has achieved the seemingly impossible feat of draining violence of all its visual excitement. As Roger Ebert put it, the violence is stoic. There's nothing exciting, heart-pounding, or even all that compelling about the violence in this film. In that, it drains violence of its visual and emotional impact.This is an observational film that doesn't make any judgements, and doesn't make any statements. It's paradoxical in that way. By not making any grand statement with its portrayal of violence, it makes the ultimate plea to stop the killing. All of it. Everywhere.It's telling that a major complaint for the film is the tension leading up to the shooting itself. Apparently many people's bloodlust was just too insatiable.

James H (kr) wrote: Stylish and suspenseful Irish thriller, great cast, well acted. Very suspenseful, great score. I loved all the twists in the plot. Great pace to the film.

Rosemri N (fr) wrote: hello soccer fans never knew dogs can do it,bet you goin to be fine,i want to see it,soccer just got better

John W (it) wrote: A hilarious comedy version of Boyz n the Hood that Ice Cube did a few years later. It even has a lot of the same actors.

mike d (ru) wrote: This ones really bizarre. It has the best special effects team (people who were responsible for 2010 and Star Wars ) has that beautiful lighting, you know the whole Raiders of the Lost Ark smokey room thing going on?...yeah that. There are some incredible miniatures in shot in it that is amazing. And yet...the movie is a bizarre mess. There a nice short sequence at the end that's cool.

Ryan M (br) wrote: The film that inspired Bergman. One can see why. I love me some black-and-white 1920's horror, and The Phantom Carriage - just one of the many gems that the folks at Criterion have chosen to resurrect from the grave - satisfied my appetite. I love the film for its brooding atmosphere and grotesque fable-like quality. I hope it wins its audience soon.

Robert H (au) wrote: EIGHT BELOW is another film in a genre that Disney does rather well: animal survival. It isn't anything too original, but it still works as entertainment. The human cast all give good performances, but the animals are the real stars. Even when the plot goes through the usual motions, the dialogue-free scenes of the dogs in the Antarctic wild (and the beautiful landscapes) are reason enough to see this. Recommended especially for families with young children, and dog-lovers.

David J (de) wrote: While I found the "redemption and connection" scene to be a little too easy and predictable, it was well-acted by Robin Williams and Matt Damon, as was the rest of the film. The entire cast, from Affleck to Driver to Skarsard were all good. Matt Damon and Affleck continue their on-screen synergy and the story is uplifting and ends on a fantastic note.

Kevin T (ru) wrote: The theme for this movie was, "We are a dozen A-list actors, so why try to make jokes. In fact, every first joke we think of goes in the movie." Don't believe me? Watch the movie.