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Paul C (ag) wrote: An interesting look at Harper Lee's one and only novel and its legacy in pop culture, but it had enough low moments that it doesn't reach "must-see" status.

Gordon T (mx) wrote: Its not really a movie, its just Mark Boronas wandering around Rome and chatting with people about FULCI!!!!! Fulci Lives!!!!! (looking forward to Volume 2) Why am I giving this 100%? Its just so-so, but then again its . . . FULCI!

Suvidhi J (ru) wrote: This one is an unpredictable gem...!!!

Morpheus O (mx) wrote: I did read some of the Turok comics back in the day and I liked them. They were basic stuff. Violence was the plot. The stories were always a little more in-depth, fortunately. I'm not politically incorrect and I do like violent films, comics, etc. This is not a terrible film. It did provide me with the minimum decency of nostalgia. Still, since I never read the original comic upon which this film is based...I can't help but wonder if the comic has as many holes in the story as this film. Such was never explained how Chichak, or his tribe, acquired firearms, the ammunition to operate them...or the horses. American Indians did not acquire them until after Europeans arrived in `the New World`, i.e., the Americas. And since they did not arrive until the late 1400's and since it would be a good two hundred years or so before the two cultures trusted each other enough to legitimately trade things with one another of such importance, i.e., weapons & transportation, this film certainly seems to be more about catering to some demographic that doesn't care or doesn't know enough to care. Perhaps there is room for all three possibilities... (And perhaps for multiple reasons. I detest conspiracy theories; but, if I was a conspiracy theorist I might conclude that this film mongers about the influence of technology... That the only good ppl are those that don't sellout for what is bigger, better, more powerful, etc. That it even hates white ppl. Glenn Beck I am not.) Why Turok actually told Chichak where they could, honestly, find the `Cliff Ppl` is a mystery that I don't care to solve or have solved. I do understand why Turok told Chichak 'something'... Doing so bought them time, for Chichak to get complacent, so that Turok & Andar could escape, so that Turok could devise a plan to kill Chichak, preferably before he tracks down the Cliff Ppl, & for Turok & Andar to stay alive; but, telling Chichak where to actually, & honestly, find the Cliff Ppl only made those things harder & less likely to be achieved. How Turok could be so courageous & brave one moment & then a moment later be so weak, thoughtless & cowardly is pathetic. Perhaps the plot wasn't the worst possible plot. It was tired, old, predictable & rather corny; but, I am confident that it could have been worse. The story was the worst part. It was bad. By no means was this the worst film that I've ever seen; but, still. This sucked.

Ian R (us) wrote: This is not at all what I expected, in that it is, despite many flaws, actually a decent and entertaining movie! sure some of the direction is bad, as is some of the editing, but the nifty little defend the embassy movie was just fresh enough to be worth sitting through!

Gavin P (kr) wrote: Way too slow & boring! Sure, some nice scenery (at times), but it's mostly a bleak desert, with a boring score, almost no dialogue (first word is spoken 7min in!) and both Damon & Affleck do nothing but brood. There's one good scene, when he 'crows-nests' a rock, but otherwise there's no who, where or why.

Michael U (nl) wrote: slow to start and never really peaks, but I like the story even though the characters aren't really likeable.

Leo L (ca) wrote: An interesting movie that centralizes on one family's demise, and a mother's torment at losing her sons, Karan and Arjun. Many years later, those two sons were re-born as Ajay and Vijay. Living separate lives, the two can't help but feel a deeper connection to each other and a past that haunts them in dreams. Great cast- Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Kajol, and Amrish Puri. Worthy!

(au) wrote: Certainly a heavier entry on the James Bond franchise that brings a different charm that fortunately works because of interisting charachters and a impressively good performance by Timothy Dalton.

Jacob B (ru) wrote: While its story is predictable, Coming to America nevertheless benefits from Eddie Murphy's performance as a pampered African prince (and 2 minor characters as well) and gleefully profane 80's humour.

Lewis E (de) wrote: An witty concoction of love,sex and baseball.

Panayiota K (jp) wrote: the story was nothing special but you can't lose with Paul Newman. seriously Jim was her choice to cheat on Alfred? was she blind?

Adam P (ca) wrote: Absolutely amazing. David Tennant is a revelation in the lead, and the rest of the brilliant Royal Shakespeare Company breathe new life into the script's genius with their naturalistic and human delivery. Cleverly recontextualizing the play in an exciting and palpable contemporary setting, this is the definitive modern version of Hamlet.

Nermin S (gb) wrote: Suprisingly good, i can see how some people can compare this movie to the blair witch project, cause' it had a lot of similarities, but this one had much more gore which hits you towards the end of the movie...

Jeff N (it) wrote: The Intern was a refreshing change of pace for me, theatrically speaking. A story with a heart, solid acting and quite a bit of realism. I love DeNiro and Hathaway anyway, but the chemistry between the two was very strong. The performances won't get recognized at the award level, but I haven't enjoyed DeNiro this much in a long time. It was a departure for him and he was precious. The vibe of the film was reminiscent of similarly-themed 80s and 90s films, but I haven't really seen anything like this in almost 20 years. They just don't make these kind of movies anymore. For someone my age, it was a pleasure to watch.

(ca) wrote: well done -- takes a difficult subject and gives it "legs" good acting, wonderful cinematography and takes the subject to a good conclusion without any violence nor weirdness. just how a relationship can evolve and move to a good end. thanks