Shift: Beyond the Numbers of the Climate Crisis

Shift: Beyond the Numbers of the Climate Crisis


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Shift: Beyond the Numbers of the Climate Crisis torrent reviews

Simon D (es) wrote: Quite good for Danny Boyle, who's films, apart from Trainspotting, I've found to be pretty bad. I don't think he's done such a family friendly film before. My mum loved it.

Kyle M (mx) wrote: Moviegoers who haven't seen the series might like to catch this and see what the show's about. It's an okay movie that was well-adapted like being a homage with segments getting better and better, but it seems to be more for the viewers who've watched the show.It's still a worthy film for a moviegoer viewing, it's just that it's more for the fans. (B-)(Full review coming soon)

Bengt W (us) wrote: Filmen som slppte ls Bossa Novan ver vrlden. Sprudlande gldjefylld omtolkning av det grubblande grekiska dramat.

Robby R (fr) wrote: One of Keaton's best that starts out so leisurley and ends with a triumphant set piece involving a waterfall.

Melvin W (es) wrote: Scott: If you flunk out and die in Vietnam, that's the end of our friendship, fuck you, you know."The year a country split apart and a generation came together."1969 is a Vietnam film that focuses on what was going on in America as opposed to what was actually taking place in the war. It deals with two college students and friends who are against the war and want to avoid being drafted at all cost. That's why they went to college. The movie also deals with their families and how the war affected family and their community.The movie really isn't good at all. It takes every little chance it gets to pour as much melodrama on us as possible. Bruce Dern is horrible and Winona Ryder is awful(and I normally like her). Robert Downey Jr and Keifer Sutherland are decent, but they both have sone way better work since. I like the story, but the movie seems to be lacking in every other category. The dialogue between the characters is horrible. A best thing about the movie is it's soundtrack. Bands such as Cream, Jimi Hendrix and Buffalo Springfield are included in it; helping make the 60's setting a little better.While I can't really say I liked 1969; I can't say not to watch it either. It's not a completely worthless movie; just one that never becomes as good as it could have. It does have 2 or 3 scenes I really loved, but other than those few scenes, every other one felt like it was missing something. I'd only recommend this to huge fans of Keirfer or Robert. If you're not a huge fan of either of them; it's really not worth the time.

Fai D (es) wrote: A messy mind bender.

Jens T (au) wrote: Before Russell Crowe made it in Hollywood, he was just another Aussie actor, with a music carrier on the side, Romper Stomper was his international and critical breakthrough. In this film Russell Crowe plays Hando, a neo-nazi, a skinhead who lives in the poor side of Melbourne, where in the same neighborhood as many Vietnamese immigrants whom Hando and his gang is occasionally harassment and beats them up. But one day, the immigrants decide to take down the skinheads once and for all, with hordes of baseball bats out numbered. And Hando and his gang is on the run.Romper Stomper is good little Aussie indie, with a good insight to the skinheads environment, and with characters with such depth even though they are neo-nazi, I could even swear there where some doubt. A terrific film about three fugitives on the an constant runaway. Thumbs up.

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Shift: Beyond the Numbers of the Climate Crisis torrent

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