Shift of the Ages

Shift of the Ages


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Shift of the Ages torrent reviews

Chloe M (ag) wrote: I've never seen a movie filled with so much hope- and disappointment. I knew the modeling industry was corrupt, but I never suspected it to be THAT terrible.


Kimberly E (us) wrote: Decent, 100% predictable. I think Jim was better in "Frequency" but this was still worth the $5 I paid for it. It's a shame that all these river towns seem to disappear because giant factories just shut down. Crying shame.

Tim R (us) wrote: Not the best of the Next Generation films but good to see one that focussed more on the relationships of the Next Generation cast. Highly entertaining!

Carrington B (gb) wrote: This film is worth it. A well made and enjoyable movie

Chase D (jp) wrote: Violent and damn good western. Good characters and good action overcome somewhat cliched aspects.

Ice R (ca) wrote: A great, amazing drama.

Sean S (it) wrote: For those who love the islands as much as we do this classic movie set on Kauai (where we are going in September) is just what we needed!

Jason B (gb) wrote: The Third Man is not my favorite British film. It is a very, very fine British film. I am planning on writing a much longer review on this film for the Criterion Bloggathon so I won't say more now.

Simon J (gb) wrote: A throughly engaging film. A fantastic idea to film over so many years with the same actors which really paid off.

Gavin P (es) wrote: I really enjoyed this - I'm sure I saw it as a teenager, but can't remember much about it. Plenty of reality about the corporate takeovers, profit-driven-at-all-costs Rupert Murdoch character (Kline's Aussie accent is pretty ridiculous, but not too inaccurate!). The whole corporatisation of the zoo has plenty of sight gags with the sponsorship & the zookeepers in costume, but the film's at it's best when Cleese & Palin are on screen together - their Monty Python-honed repartee is impossible to beat. Great cast - Lee Curtis & Corbett too! - fast-paced, plenty of misunderstandings/mishaps and lots of laughs.

Jay H (de) wrote: I see a ton of movies at the theater and, as a result, I usually walk out of at least one or two every year. Project Almanac just so happens to be the first of 2015. I really wish I would have stayed home and streamed Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure instead.

Sterling F (de) wrote: A glorious spectical of animation, voice acting and cinema. Beautiful movie.