After a seven year absence, Dr. Ram Singh returns to his village intending to sell his land and go back to the city. He finds that the peasants are being mistreated by the local landlord ...

After a seven year absence, Dr. Ram Singh returns to his village intending to sell his land and go back to the city. He finds that the peasants are being mistreated by the local landlord ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mitchell B (nl) wrote: Slow at times but well written and acted

Tim M (fr) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyable action comedy. "deliriously silly, frenetically violent, and insanely entertaining" "a deeply [and] pleasantly weird sort of Southern Gothic battle royale."

Dennis R (kr) wrote: Absolutely MENTAL from start to finish, Robo-geisha is a lot of fun. The ridiculously cheap CGI effects, plain stupid (and hilarious) dialogue or the more-than-outlandish plot and premise make this film best watched with a few mates over some beers. The only thing that ruined it for me was the stereotypically Japanese moments of cheesy melodrama which were unnecessary and got in the way of the action.

Gina W (es) wrote: Good Australian movie of a "bad" family.

Calvin R (mx) wrote: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is relentless, brutally captivating, great performance by Daniel Craig, and Rooney Mara. The story was great, it wasn't boring at all. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a rare action/drama film that is astonishing.

Marena K (au) wrote: That was so TRUE about men :D

Christopher S (au) wrote: While not as good as some other Imax/Omni movies I've seen, it was worth watching.

Sarah B (ag) wrote: Witty, relevant, great actors, directed by the Homestar Runner guy.

Jetmira A (ca) wrote: It's honest about life, sad and absolutely beautiful.

Bill B (de) wrote: The final film in the trilogy, but it sort of suffers from the rule of diminishing returns, and the addition of computer graphics this time around sort of put me off completely.Rental?

Sarah F (de) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Sandra T (kr) wrote: Excellent thriller! Billy Zane plays his part very well!

Simon P (ca) wrote: Beautifully dreamlike, confusing and mysterious, intensely insane and steamily sexy!

Jason J (es) wrote: Every element fans of Z-grade slasher movies could hope for is here: atrocious acting, gratuitous nudity, several bloody murders, etc. The only thing that kept my interest was the killings otherwise I would have switched this off. Some of the deaths supply some fairly graphic gore, the best bit in the movie being a particularly sadistic bit of tractor blade trickery. Other kills make zero sense, such as one that befalls a latecomer, in which the entire set-up is dependent on us believing that when the killer was preparing his cycle of revenge, he had the forethought to enlarge one of his high-school photos (a full body shot, mind you) to poster size and cover a door with it.The silly jester mask the killer wears throughout is by far one of the lamest articles of killer garb you'll find in the genre, and when the film-makers try to use the sound of the jingling aluminum balls on the tips of his crown to summon suspense, this is invariably a lost cause. Such a ludicrous outing can only rightfully be recommended for the most forgiving fans of '80s splatter. There were certainly worse movies than this made during that very prolific era, but even the marginally effective offerings of the period provided something more than a noteworthy scene or two. Slaughter High isn't quite bottom of the barrel, but it definitely has the bottom in sight.

James C (jp) wrote: Beautiful to look at and a great score make this Olivia Newton-John follow up to "Grease" a winner in my eyes. Very innovative for its time as well.

Irvin C (es) wrote: A criminal gang holds a group of people in a "last stop" dive in the desert hostage. The film's plot is pretty routine and feels a bit like a filmed stage play than a movie most of the time. However, the terrific performances by the cast led by Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart and the fascinating characterizations makes up for its flaws.

Benedict D (es) wrote: An enjoyable movie, but nothing that great.

Carlos B (kr) wrote: A nice Tale of the old 's testament story of David. Gregory Peck is amazing as a grown King David, this story goes deep into the sin that David commited against God. The story moves sometimes pretty slow at times and Susan Hayward as Bathsheba was probably not the best casting choice,but make no mistake this one is a classic and the portrait of David versus Goliath was really well made. David's prayer at the end of the film is just so powerful. Enjoy!

Dave J (ru) wrote: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 (1951) Along The Great Divide WESTERN Conventional plot has actor Kirk Douglas as a federal Marshall Merrick preventing a scape goated lynch mob hanging (Walter Brennan) to be intentioned to be brought to a fair trail back to town with the original lynchers on their tail at the same time! Much of this film showcases the Kirk Douglas character's straight up determination and it's complicated dilemas! Although, viewers could possibly figure out about who shot or murder whom before the Kirk Douglas character does, and with some spectacular gorgeous black and white desert landscapes, the storyline was delving into familiar territory, viewers seen before and done alot better such as "The Comancheroes", "Four Faces West" and "Ride Lonesome" to name a few! 2 out of 4

Nikki W (fr) wrote: Interesting movie don't really think they have good chemistry