Shining Boy & Little Randy

Shining Boy & Little Randy


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:113 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Japanese,Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Shining Boy & Little Randy torrent reviews

Mayank A (ca) wrote: Wow, expected it to be another fantasy flick for kids, it was so much deeper, not sure if its even suitable for kids or for that matter boys, way too dark and grim. Cover adult's topics and doesn't shy away from emotionally traumatic issues, not sure if the movie is for all. Its visually stunning and has superb casting & performances, one of the best storytelling style I have come across.

Mary (es) wrote: I love this movie! It's so funny... It reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.

Jadira R (ru) wrote: hi my name is Jadira I love you

Jon W (mx) wrote: A taught political movie that is almost like a complicated stage play. Taking place all in a diner, the actions that occur in the film effect the whole world. You can taste the suspense. I'm not totally sure what side the movie's political views rest upon in the end, but that might be a good thing. Made in 1999 but feels even more relevant and real in this world we live in today. If you've got a thing for tense political "thrillers" (i really hate that term) then you'll like this powerful yet contained film.

MyMarcia C (jp) wrote: this movie should only be watched with Dan and Josh in a MST 3000 kinda way. other wise its the worst movie ever made...ever.

joseph h (jp) wrote: Stay away from the Bates Motel

Eric S (de) wrote: It's true, the "super rats" in this film are weiner dogs in rat suits. Truly a goofy effect, but before CGI, you did what you had to do. Sad effort, considering the epic greatness of James Herbert's novel.

Dusty L (br) wrote: 82% on my Tomatometer.

Jrme V (nl) wrote: On dit souvent que la culture, c'est comme la confiture. Eh bien permettez-moi de vous prsenter mon notoire ct anticulturel au niveau cinma et mon intrt sans fondement pour les sries Z. Et quelle meilleure maison de production pour cette exploration que la dfunte Monogram (dont mme des ralisateurs comme Truffaud et Patrice Lecomte chantaient les gloires!), que j'ai dcouvert en tant fan de Bela Lugosi. Car le suave hongrois s'est commis dans de nombreuses productions de la Monogram, des films "so aweful, it's wonderful". Et Invisible Ghost est, et de loin, un des plus intressants. Il y a si peu de logiques dans ce genre de film (je crois bien que les auteurs faisaient peu de cas des consquences psychologiques potentielles d'une srie de 4 meurtres l'intrieur de la mme demeure en 72 heures!), que le dlire duquel il participe bien involontairement devient en soi un moment de plaisir! Et Lugosi est impayable pour conserver sa dignit et son srieux en rcitant des inepties vides de sens. D'ailleurs, la dcharge de Lugosi, il livre l une des ses performances les moins excessives, les plus mesures qui soient. Une raret et un plaisir en soi. Le ralisateur, John Lewis est lui aussi plutt intressant. Son plan d'introduction du film est superbe. Par contre, je crois qu'il a surestim la puissance d'un plan vu d'un feu de foyer... En soi, les inepties involontaires, le srieux avec lequel le film est jou malgr les situations impossibles, l'incrdulit qu'il faut mettre de ct en regardant ce qui s'y passe et la superbe navet de la ralisation (qu'on devine comme tant une grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le boeuf) font de ce film un plaisir coupable dlicieux de dlire! Et puis, il y a Lugosi, toujours mmorable sa manire...

Kyle M (au) wrote: The film's failure at critical and financial doesn't matter. What's matter is that the film's heart holds the ultimate treasure (in lesson and message) to show what you can't live without, backed-up with nice visuals. (A)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Elana M (mx) wrote: This movie is the personification of the dysfunctional family genre. Three child geniuses trapped in their debilitated minds and the decisions they've made, unsure of who their true selves really are. The cast is superb and this film is quite underrated, Wes Anderson at his best. Like Wilson gives one of his best performances in this film.

P B (kr) wrote: Great movie with equal male and female presence. Anyone can relate to at least 1 character. Good storyline and great acting.

Gareth D (gb) wrote: One of the greats. A masterclass in editing. My only bugbear is it clips along too quickly with never a quiet moment. Hugely visual with a dialogue so rapid the characters inhabit a silent film. But the best films can be judged as silents, so it works whichever way.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: Directed by Sam Peckinpah, who had come into film from TV, getting his feature film career off to a promising start with old fashioned westerns like The Deadly Companions (1961) and Ride the High Country (1962). Then, he was offered this big-budget western by Columbia Pictures, from a story by Harry Julian Fink, which Peckinpah subsequently rewrote, making it a complex character study. It should have made him a megastar, but it's troubled production marred it's reputation. In 1864, during the American Civil War, Union Major Amos Dundee (Charlton Heston) is relieved of his post after a tactical error during the Battle of Gettysburg, and sent to run a POW camp in the New Mexico territory. It's here where Dundee is given a chance to redeem himself, after a cavalry is massacred by a band of Apache's led by Sierra Charriba (Michael Pate), Dundee gets together a group of mercenaries, chosen by Dundee and Irish Captain Tyreen (Richard Harris) to go into Mexico to track down Charriba and his men and get them dead or alive, but it's to be a long journey, and a physically exhausting one too. It's a grand old adventure, and Peckinpah gets the best out of his cast, and there's some great vistas and shots in this film. Peckinpah's original cut was butchered after it's original release, but attempts have been made to restore it to how it should have been.