Shining Through

Shining Through

Spirited New Yorker Linda Voss goes to work for international lawyer and secret Office of Strategic Services operative Ed Leland just before World War II. As they fall in love, the United States enters the fight against Hitler, and Linda volunteers to work for Ed spying undercover behind Nazi lines. Assigned to uncover information about a German bomb, Linda also has personal motives to fulfill: discovering the fate of her Jewish family members in Berlin.

An American woman of Irish, Jewish-German parentage goes undercover in Nazi Germany. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin C (br) wrote: Very predictable...the acting wasn't great. Bliss wasn't convincing as a beautiful seductress.

Paul B (es) wrote: Effective psychological horror based on the short story by Clive Barker in which three student friends set out to make a documentary about the true nature of fear. Using it as a way of curing his own trauma, Quaid starts to push things too far in what becomes an effective, dark, occasionally gory horror picture that's well directed, acted and features several memorable scenes.

Rei Rei L (gb) wrote: The storyline. Twisted. It's those kind of movies where the ending is the beginning. Then works its way to how the sequence of events came to be. At first it was gruesome, then sickening, and just okay. Would I watch this movie again? No. Some parts were disgusting but the story itself just uninteresting.

Juho H (kr) wrote: The mood resembles ICO.

D M (kr) wrote: One of the funniest movies I have seen in a while. Its very refreshing for me to be able to watch a genuinely funny new comedy and recognize very few actors in it (beside Apollo Creed). A very Napoleon Dynamite feel to this, with Jon Heder making cameo. A group of outcast kids find Bigfoot's foot prints (and crap), but the group starts to fall apart when a girl takes interest in one of them.

Emma S (us) wrote: It's a beautiful, messy and a little dull: like watching a sunset from start to finish. That said, after I watched it the first time I found it sparked off a thought process in my head. It started me reading and watching quite a lot 'spiritual' stuff (really not my usual thing) that was all in some way connected to this film. So... I ended up watching the film again three weeks later. It's still not a riveting story particularly, but there is something deeper there which makes it worth watching.I think it helps going into it to know it's more a myth than a movie.

Davey M (au) wrote: Unnerving Korean horror. I'm not sure whether or not it all makes sense, and I'm not sure I really care--except that it maybe either doesn't make quite enough sense or just a little too much. Still, in terms of tone it's terrific, in terms of style, admirable (though the occasional speed ramp deflates some of the otherwise incredibly effective tension and terror). The jury's still out on if it works as a story, or whether it particularly matters.

Rachel B (jp) wrote: Lena Headey is a force of nature in this film. It is a gritty and tough film about addiction with amazing performances!

Aldo M (gb) wrote: The colors are beautiful. But this is the only thing I like of this film.The songs are quite annoying, overall, quite boring. Ozon can make much better, he made much better.

Chris S (mx) wrote: Meh. I'm not disappointed that I watched it, but it wasn't as good as it could've been. Enough with the French guy complaining about America! Stupid cheese eating surrender monkey!

Skyler B (ru) wrote: Did mostly enjoy this movie. But did also kinda hate the ending. Loved that Jean Reno part, though.

Shane J (es) wrote: A modern take on the old jekyll and hyde story, doesn't really work. not sure on the casting of scott? he seems unable to do an american accent for when he's good or would you believe it a english accent for his evil side. Bit slow and not alot really happens apart from a trial!! They should have just gone with the psycho killer route with some cop or friend trying to capture him.