Shinjuku Incident

Shinjuku Incident

Iron Zhao aka Steelhead, a truck repairman from China's Northeast, and settles down as an illegal immigrant in Tokyo. After a series of run-ins with the Yakuza, he rises to power as the Don of Chinese illegal immigrants. However, things get out of control when he's foolish enough to believe in clean getaways in a world that offers none, and soon comes to seal his own fate.

In Japan, foreign migrants are shunned by mainstream society. Taunted by the yakuza, they live in constant fear of being discovered and repatriated. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (jp) wrote: This curious blend of documentary and narrative, held together less by any plot device than by a rigorous aesthetic, proves all the more effective for being in service of casual naturalism.

Glenn C (kr) wrote: Expectations lessen drastically whenever Renny Harlin's name is attached as the director of any given movie. He's made a few good movies but he's mostly made crap. And so I wasn't sure what to expect with his new one, 5 Days Of War, which follows the perspective of two war-journalists caught in the Russio-Georgian War of 2008 (remember when the Russians invaded?). I'm happy to report that this is Harlin's best film (imo) to date. I'll do away with the negatives quickly and say that there are a few sparse moments of tackiness, the occasional bravado and a heightened soundtrack.... However, i think they're easily overlooked because Harlin has captured this war zone really well. The sense of emergency and desperation are prevelant and the SFX are amazing. The film doesn't shy away from the ugliness with quite a lot of barbaric and horrific stuff shown on screen and it amounts to an effective look into one of our more current accounts of war. I read that the film was partially funded by a faction of the Georgian government and so there is an obvious bias... but you can't help but see this more as a plea for the outside world to hear them. There is still conflict going on and the western world is still turning a blind eye. Renny Harlin DOES have some good films in him... hopefully this is the first of more.

Caesar M (au) wrote: Recently I haven't been reviewing movies that aren't well know to the public, which brings to C Me Dance. A bad movie with a religious message that fails to be any good in what it's trying to do. Now normally I wouldn't go into detail about what happens in a movie, but I want to save your time. So after the opening title we're thrown into a chase scene for no reason and it's never explain as a woman is driving away from a truck driver following her. What I don't get is that the mother was actually stupid enough to turn around and crash into the truck following her. The baby survives despite me seeing the car catching on fire and then we see her grow up and dancing. Now readers, the performances in this movie are horrible and the actors are bland in there performances that it's hard to take this seriously. Now we're still in the beginning of this movie when we our main character is told by her doctor to stay off her feet and then it cuts to a mall montage. Then it cuts to a scene where we learn the main character has leukemia, somehow this girl develop advance leukemia in a day even though the doctor told her she healthy the previous day, wow this doctor is bad at her job. This movie has a serious case of being bipolar, it's happy one moment and then it's really depressing. Get this, somehow the girl develop powers that allows her that convert people into Christians just by touching them. Then she spends the entire movie trying to turn everyone into Christians because this movie believe in freedom of religion. Thankfully she dies at the end at the movie. To give you an idea how poorly this movie was written, here's a scene in a car and the dialogue goes something like this. Girl: Heh, wow Father: Yeah Girl: I mean, huh Father: Mmmm That's bad, but I will say the only enjoyable moment from the movie came from watching this with my friend Simon who utter the words "She taking away our will to look at pornography, damn you Sheri". Overall it's a waste of everyone times and should be ignored.

Lubaina K (gb) wrote: A very detailed account of the Liberation Of Paris from the Nazis...General Choltitz was portrayed perfectly...someone who understood the insanity of Hitler and knew Paris lost is better than Paris destroyed...Nuances of jokes and irony amidst the war made the movie very realistic.

Leon B (au) wrote: Review:I was really looking forward to this movie because it's been some time since there has been a documentary on Ali, but this movie didn't really show anything that we don't already know. I liked the footage were they are playing the hidden tapes of Ali talking to his daughter and the interviews with Tyson and Jim Brown but most of the information is things that we have heard time and time again about the legend. I was also hoping to see some footage of Ali nowadays but the director chose to stick with old footage. We all know that he was one of the greatest fighters of all time and that he didn't shy away from speaking his mind so I didn't really see the point of this documentary. It was more of a movie about him as a devoting father and how much he cared about family, even though he couldn't help playing away from home. All of the boxing footage was OK but, once again, it isn't anything that we haven't seen before. In all, it's good that they are paying respect to a man who is suffering with Parkinson'sdecease and has achieved so much in his life but thedocumentary isn't anything new. Watchable!Round-Up:This film really does show that Ali was a number one entertainer and that he cared a lot about his family and fans. The story about the sick kid who was dying from cancer was touching and when he let one of his fans stay in his house, it really did show that he has a loving heart. It was also good to see how he treated his family, especially his brother and his daughter when she was young but I still didn't learn anything new about the man himself. I honestly feel that the movie Ali, was more of a deep insight about the man and the people around him. Don't get me wrong, it is a watchable film and I'm sure that a lot of boxing fans, or fans of Ali, will enjoy the film but I honestly thing that there was more to the man that what the public already know. It doesn't really touch on his various relationships or how he treated his women but when you think about the amount of children he has, which is 9, he obviously was a ladies man. At 73, he is still classed as the best boxer of all time, close to Tyson in his prime, but it's sad to see him loose his sharp wit and supreme boxing skills, to a illness which must be hard to live with.I recommend this movie to people who are into their boxingdocumentaries about the boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, and his devoting love for his kids and his family.4/10

Richard D (gb) wrote: Backhanded compliment time:I thought this was going to be excruciating, but it was simply not funny. Denise Richards looks pretty good for somebody my age ... and that distracted me for a while. Eugene Levy must be coming close to using up whatever good will he had left. Tyler Perry isn't a very good actor.Why did I do this?

kaipo d (gb) wrote: The king. RIP Rudy Ray Moore. Dolemite has left the building.